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This page is essentially a collection of items which I have found interesting or informative. It is only tangentially connected with my own activities, which, if anyone is interested, may be viewed more extensively on the University of Portsmouth’s Slavonic and East European Research page. Here you will find a number of items relating to mediæval Slavonic Studies.

Computer Applications for the Study of Slavonic Manuscripts

The Obštežitie web page was set up after the first international conference in Blagoevgrad, 24th-29th July, 1995, in order to facilitate the exchange of information. Please help me to keep it up to date by continuing to supply me with things to put on it!


The KODEKS page at Bamberg is a useful source both for mediæval Slavonic texts and for computer applications for Slavists.


The Slavonic and East European Mediæval Studies Group is now back on line and will next meet on Saturday, November 9th, 2002 at Clare College, Cambridge. All communications, including offers of papers, should be sent to me.


The American Early Slavic Studies Association webpage. “Read some of the latest news and enjoy some famous images,” they say.

Church Slavonic Resources

Grammar, software, links, etc. relating specifically to Church Slavonic are provided at http://chslav.hypermart.net/.

For more general information on matters Slavonic and East European, the British Library’s collection is very comprehensive.

Students wishing to pursue their studies in this area further may be interested in the master’s programme in Old Slavonic Studies at the St Clement of Ohrid University, Sofia.

Please visit the new electronic edition of the Budapest Glagolitic Fragments, which can be accessed via my “other” home page. I shall be very interested in any comments you may have.

The section on “Russian literature to 1700” in the Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, an annual current bibliography of language and literature, has unfortunately not appeared in recent years. However, I am collecting material to cover the years 1996-2001 to be published in the next volume, so if you have published anything on the literature of mediæval Rus’ during that period, I should very much like to hear of it.

A few more interesting places on the Web

Mostly concerned with text encoding
The Canterbury Tales Project
“Something of a tour-de-force of SGML in its TEI incarnation”, including manuscript descriptions with full transcriptions of each text in each manuscript,images of each page in the manuscript, full word-by-word collations of every word in every manuscript and rather massive lemmatized spelling databases.
The Czech National Corpus
The page allows limited public access to the corpus, so you can try searching for a word and finding it in its context (essentially like using a concordance).
“The Studley Conference”
A report on a seminal meeting of librarians on 2nd-3rd November 1996 to discuss standardisation of methods of machine-readable manuscript description. This is where a lot of things started.
The Dublin Core
An initiative to establish the basic elements of manuscript description and cataloguing.
The HUMI Project
Mostly concerned with digitisation, and very impressive.
As the title implies, devoted to the application of electronic techniques to the study of the Psalter, but also with some very good links to other related topics.
Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale home page.
David Birnbaum’s homepage
Has an indispensible array of links to relevant places on the Web.
A Corpus of spoken Bulgarian
Actually three corpora now, plus various other materials.

Finally, do spend a few minutes looking at one of the most remarkable sites on the net, that of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren, which contains much more than you would expect.

I hope that this is going to be useful to somebody, and would welcome any suggestions, encouragement, criticism, information, billets doux, etc.

Ralph Cleminson 
cleminso@ceu.hu - I am here at the moment!

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