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Our introduction to the history of self-representation in the Middle Ages consists of four parts, focussing on the social role of arms and armor, heraldry, costume and garments and jewelry. You can navigate between these four major parts with the help of the links on the top of the pages. At the same place you find links to the chapters of the part which you are browsing at the moment. Between the chapters you can move backwards and forwards, if you click on the following images:

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The manual contains several illustrations: if you click on the small images or thumbnails they open up in a new window, where you can find all necessary information about them, the source of the image and the image itself in largo. You do not have to close the new window, just click back to the text and continue reading, that window will be waiting for you until you click on the next image. However, with certain browsers and certain settings, if the windows start to multiply, you can click on the great image to close the window. Since the manual contains a lot of special terms, there is a glossary at the bottom of each page, which you can open at the appropriate place by clicking the links. Take your time to browse our pages, you won't leave without benefit!

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