Help on Getting Around This Site

Within this website, there are the following rules of navigation:

To move forward, you usually have to choose one of the options indicated either by textual links or by visual icons. Both types of links are provided with status-line explanations.

To move backward, use the "Back" button of your browser or the right-click option menu of your mouse.

Full-size illustrations are the only exception to this rule. They usually open outside of the frame, in a new browser. You close it by clicking on the image. If you view the Manual in the Internet Explorer, each time when closing an illustration you will encounter a prompt asking you whether you want to close this window or not. Say "yes."

The following icons are used throughout the Manual:

takes you to the Homepage  invokes this Help on Navigation
transfers you to the Table of Contents
takes you back to the previous section or subsection of the Manual moves you forward to the next section or subsection of the Manual