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Table of Contents
I.   1. Art Patronage and Function of Medieval Manuscripts
          2. The Use of Books

II. Materials and Techniques of Manuscript Production
    1. Parchment
    2. Papyrus
    3. Paper 
    4. Ruling
    5. Pen
    6. Ink
    7. Gilding
    8. Pigments
    9. Bookbinding

III.   1. The Structure of Medieval Books
          2. Arrangement of the Text

IV. Typology of Medieval Books
    1. The Bible
    2. Liturgical Books
    3. Diverse Types of Books

V. Manuscript Illumination
    1-2. History, Artists, and Works
    3. The Technique of Illumination in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance

VI. Glossary
VII. Bibliography