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PhD Program

Why study mathematics?

There have always been people who have enjoyed doing mathematics for various reasons. On the one hand, it is extremely rewarding. Siméon-Denis Poisson (1781-1840) went as far as to say that “Life is good only for two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics.”  On the other hand, mathematics can well be made use of in solving real world problems. In this sense, another great mathematician, Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky (1792-1856), stated that “there is no branch of mathematics however abstract which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world.” At that time, not many people could understand what he meant. But nowadays it has become common knowledge that mathematics is indispensable for any branch of science and technology, as well as for our everyday life.
Thus the study of mathematics can lead to exciting professional careers in teaching and research in various fields. Interested students from around the world are invited to join us in exploring these rich opportunities.

Why study mathematics at CEU?

Our department offers a unique opportunity to talented young people of different nationalities to study and work together on major topics of mathematics and its applications, under close expert supervision. At present we have PhD students from Botswana, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, USA.  We would be happy if the geographical and cultural area of student recruitment extended to other countries.
Our PhD program is registered to grant the PhD in Mathematics and its Applications by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York (U.S.A.) for, and on behalf of, the New York State Education Department.

 The main strengths of our PhD program are:

  • It is carried out jointly with the Alfréd Rényi Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • The faculty team includes well-established mathematicians with impressive publication records who are able to introduce students to high quality research. Moreover, outstanding scholars from abroad are invited regularly to deliver lectures. Among them were H. Brezis (France), C. Carstensen (Germany), C. Corduneanu (USA), E. Feireisl (Czech Republic), Peter D. Lax (USA).  Note that Professors C. Carstensen and E. Feireisl have accepted our invitation to join our department as distinguished visiting professors.
  • The list of courses covers major branches in both mathematics and its applications thus making the program extremely attractive. Students are offered the opportunity to specialize in different areas, according to their specific interests.
  • Our department tries to build an intellectual and friendly atmosphere in which faculty and students support each other, while focusing on student achievement and recognizing and rewarding excellence.  
  • Possibility to travel and spend time abroad while supported by CEU.
  • There are excellent libraries and IT facilities, which contribute to students' successful completion of the program.
  • Our PhD students have the possibility to interact with scholars from abroad who visit our department. Cooperation with other CEU departments is also strongly encouraged.
It is my pleasure to thank our faculty members and students for creating a beautiful and challenging mathematical environment here, at CEU. I would like to invite candidates from all over the world to apply to our PhD program and join our wonderful team.

Gheorghe Morosanu, PhD
Professor and Department Head