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The objective of this network is to enhance international collaboration on cross-country comparative research using improved data and studying the firm-level sources of economic growth and the consequences of the growth process for workers.   The network is funded from February 2008 to May 2012 by the COST Programme, and the CEU Labor Project is the lead proposing and coordinating organization.  COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is one of the longest-running European instruments supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe.

The network brings together leading researchers from across Europe to work with national statistical agencies and to collaborate on new comparative research using large firm-level databases. The research exploits these unusual data to analyse the roles of industry dynamics and firm performance in economic growth and the tradeoff between improved performance and social costs for employees. One important subtopic is the measurement of competitive pressures and estimation of their relationship with economic policies and with firm-level productivity. A second concerns the many new insights made possible from recent data that combines firm- and employee-level information. The network addresses the urgent need for comparative research on these topics, which have so far been studied almost exclusively at the national level. Comparing industry dynamics and productivity growth across European economies and some non-European comparators, with their variety of regulations and institutions, promises to shed light on ways in which policies can encourage smooth reallocation and economic growth while minimizing social costs.

Events organized by the network include the CAED Conference 2008, a meeting about industry dynamics in Rome, a workshop about intangible investment in London (20 February 2009), a workshop on firm-level data analyses in transition and developing economies in Edinburgh (23-24 April 2009), a workshop on studies of wages using linked employer employee data (LEED) in Budapest (14-15 May 2009), a workshop on innovation and globalization in Nürnberg (29-30 May 2009) and a meeting of the Working Group on Industry Dynamics in Amsterdam (November 2009).

Future events include a combined Management Committee and Working Group meeting in Amsterdam (28-29 May 2010) and a Conference at Imperial College in London (24-26 September 2010).

Keywords: firm-level data, international comparisons, industry dynamics, firm performance, worker dislocation, wages, restructuring, reallocation, corporate governance

Domain : Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health