Andy Warhol's 'Jews of the 20th Century Suite': Franz  Kafka, George Gershwin, Loius Brandeis, Golda Meir, Sarah Bernhardt
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II. yearbook (1999-2001)

Public lectures

András Kovács:
download Introduction (PDF, 40KB)

Esther Benbassa:
download The process of Modernisation of Eastern Sephardi Communities (PDF, 86 KB)

Michael Brenner:
download Jewish Culture in Contemporary America and Weimar Germany: Parallels and Differences (PDF, 124KB)

Judit Frigyesi:
download The Variety of Styles in the Ashkenazi Liturgical Service (PDF, 157KB)

Ivo Goldstein:
download The Jews of Yugoslavia 1918-1941: Antisemitism and the Struggle for Equality (PDF, 125KB)

Ruth Ellen Gruber:
download A Virtual Jewish World (PDF, 97KB)

Zsuzsa Hetényi:
download Split in Two or Doubled? (PDF, 123KB)

Victor Karady:
download The 'People of the Book' and Denominational Inequalities of Access to Primary School Libraries in Early-Twentieth Century Hungary (PDF, 75KB)

Martha Keil:
download Business Success and Tax Depts: Jewish Women in Late Medieval Austrian Towns (PDF, 147 KB)

John Klier:
download New Politics of Old: A Reassessment of the Traditional Jewish Political Leadership in 1881-1882 (PDF, 84KB)

Gabriele Nissim:
download The Man Who Made a Whole Nation Feel Ashamed. The Story of Dimitar Peshev, Vice-President of the Bulgarian Parliament (PDF, 130KB)

Heidemarie Petersen:
download 'Daz man nit zol in der shtat gin...'. Jewish Communal Organisation in Sixteenth-Century Polish Towns (PDF, 143KB)

Andrei Pippidi:
download The Pogrom that Never Happened (PDF, 107KB)

Alvin H. Rosenfeld:
download Primo Levi and the Germans (PDF, 124KB)

Dariusz Stola:
download The Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland 1967-1968 (PDF, 90KB)

Robert Wokler:
download Isaiah Berlin's Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment (PDF, 103KB)

Research Projects

Michael L. Miller:
download Samson Raphael Hirsch and the Revolution of 1848 (PDF, 136KB)

Árpád Welker:
download Between Emancipation and Antisemitism: The Jewish Presence in Parliamentary Politics in Hungary 1967-1884 (PDF, 221KB)

Marie Crhova:
download Jewish Politics in Central Europe: The Case of the Jewish Party in Interwar Czechoslovakia (PDF, 202KB)

Ksenia Polouektova:
download Israeli Policies of Immigration and Immigrant Absorption: The Role of the Israeli Institutional System in the Social, Economic and Cultural Integration of the Mizrahim. From the Yishuv to the Early Years of Israeli Statehood (PDF, 158KB)

Attila Novák:
download A Chance Not Taken. Zionist-Hungarian Diplomatic Cooperation in the Second Half of the 1930's. (PDF, 179KB)

Eszter Andorka:
download Gendered Meals on Ethno-Religious Boundaries. The Role of Women in the Commensality at Early Christian Community Meals (PDF, 175KB)


download About the contributors (PDF, 57KB)
download List of Lectures 1999-2001 (PDF, 36KB)


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