Andy Warhol's 'Jews of the 20th Century Suite': Franz  Kafka, George Gershwin, Loius Brandeis, Golda Meir, Sarah Bernhardt
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July 9-20, 2012
Polemos/Pulmus — Ways of Confrontation in Judaism, Paganism and Christianity in Late Antiquity

Course directors:
Gábor Buzási, ELTE/CEU
György Geréby, CEU
Tamás Turán, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Course faculty include:
Daniel Boyarin, University of California at Berkeley
Shaye J. D. Cohen, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
John M. Dillon, Trinity College, Dublin
Mark Edwards, University of Oxford
Guy G. Stroumsa, University of Oxford

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July 5-16, 2010
Messianism - Jewish and Christian Perspectives

Course directors: Michael L. Miller and Matthias Riedl

In co-operation with the Center for Jewish Studies, The Gerst Program for Political, Economic, and Humanistic Studies, Center for International Studies at Duke University (USA)


Ida Fröhlich, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hebrew Studies, Budapest, Hungary

Michael A. Gillespie, Duke University, Department of Political Science, Durham, US

Malachi Hacohen, Duke University, Department of History, Durham, US

Moshe Idel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Israel

Vlad Naumescu, Central European University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

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