Andy Warhol's 'Jews of the 20th Century Suite': Franz  Kafka, George Gershwin, Loius Brandeis, Golda Meir, Sarah Bernhardt
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Public Lectures 1997-1998

Art and Jewish History: Nationalism, Integrationism, Assimilation and the Work of Maurycy Gottlieb download (PDF, 193KB)
Ezra Mendelsohn, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Co-Sponsored by the Nationalism Studies Program and the History Department

Patterns of Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union And Post-Soviet Russia
Rashid Kaplanov, Moscow Centre for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation "Sefer", Russia

Hitler's 'Willing Executioners' and the 'Final Solution'':
The Goldhagen Debate and its Consequences download (PDF, 163KB)
Konrad Kwiet, Centre For Comparative Genocide Studies Macquarie University, Australia

Martin Buber's Understanding of Zionism
Yigal Wagner, University of Haifa, Israel

Israel Vis-A-Vis the Jewish World at the Threshold of 2000
Yehuda Don, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Co-Sponsored By The History Department

The Non-Jewish Question or the Reasons of Unreason:
Reflexions On Antisemitism
Victor Karady, Centre De Sociologie De L`Education Et De La Culture, Paris

"Coming Back to Austria After the Second World War:
Experiences and Identity Conflicts of Austrian Jews"
Christopher Reinprecht, Universitat Wien, Institut für Soziologie
Co-Sponsored by the Austrian Institute of East and Southeast European Studies

Medieval Antisemitic Legends: Ritual Murder and Host Desecration Edith Wenzel, Technical University of Aachen
Co-Sponsored by the Department of Medieval Studies

Facing the Jewish Past as a Road to Jewish Identity Today:
The Case of the French Jewry
Evelyne Patlagean
Universite Paris X, Nanterre



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