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SoTL is becoming integrated into our programs in several different ways. These can be seen both as ‘building blocks’ for scholarship of teaching and learning or as different ‘doors to engagement’  on many levels. This engagement or building ranges from a conceptual underpinning of training sessions to stress the reflexive, research-based or research-aware development of teaching practice and focus on student learning, through discussion on reform of degrees programs and teaching practices towards a transformation of teaching and learning paradigms, to focused projects dedicated explicitly to researching either student learning or issues that impact student learning in higher education (the course, the curriculum, the policy context).

The programs allowing for such investigation are Course Portfolio Pilot Project (integrated within Course Development Competition), Curriculum Research Fellowship and a new Scholarship of Teaching Fellowship which is being developed by the CRC. We also work with CEU doctoral students within courses on Teaching in Higher Education (Level 1, Level 2), were students have a chance to prepare a young lecturer’s portfolio.

We hope to do more work with our partners in many different settings and within our own institution to enlarge the scope of possibilities for faculty to realise their potential of becoming scholarly teachers.



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