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New CRC 2012 Spring Session

Deadline: 11th March, 2012

Media Studies
Teaching ICT Policy Skills
March 26 - 30, 2012

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Program Objectives

The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) is the Central European University's (CEU) outreach program for social science and humanities teaching in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia. With an emphasis on curriculum and course development, teaching and dissemination of academic resources to higher educational institutions in the region, the CRC facilitates academic exchange, course development and curriculum reform activities.

The CRC was initiated to help overcome the material limitations to course development and curriculum reform in the region. Through the Center and its one-week course development sessions, the CEU library collections, computing resources, physical facilities and teaching faculty become a shared resource available to scholars from the region.

CRC activities also encourage contact and exchange between academics with common disciplinary interests. CRC curriculum collections (both in hard copy at the CEU library and in online format) provide for greater distribution of information about worldwide and regional academic developments, whilst CRC visiting sessions create a forum for discussions on disciplinary development.

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