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New CRC 2012 Spring Session

Deadline: 11th March, 2012

Media Studies
Teaching ICT Policy Skills
March 26 - 30, 2012

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Eligibility / Requirements

Application criteria:

  • Applicants should be current university teachers in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities who are developing or revising a university course. .
  • All applicants should propose a specific course they would like to improve or develop while at Central European University. Applicants should submit a syllabus for the courses they would like to update, revise or develop during their one-week CRC visit. Preference will be given to applicants whose course development plan can clearly benefit from CEU faculty and library resources.
  • Applicants must have sufficient English language competence (listening, reading and speaking) to make adequate use of library materials and to actively participate in group discussions and workshops. Accepted applicants will be sent home if the English language self-evaluation section of their CRC application form does not honestly reflect their actual English language ability. These participants will not be eligible to participate in future CEU faculty initiative activities (i.e., future CRC sessions, Course Development Competition, Summer University, CEU Visiting Research Fellowships, etc.)

Restrictions and funding:

CRC will cover all costs for participants from our target region, that is from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (non-EU member states), the former Soviet Union or Mongolia:

  • Travel related expenses including airfare, transportation and visa fees.
    Note: All reimbursement requests must be accompanied by original, valid receipts.
  • Hotel, transport, insurance and living expenses while in Budapest.

In addition, participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Book purchase allowance to buy books for participants' home university or departmental library

Photocopying allotment to aid in the gathering of course materials.

Participants from countries outside the target region need to fund their own travel and accommodation and will not receive benefits. CRC does not charge anything for participation in the session.

Funding for those applicants who have already participated in a fully funded CEU faculty oriented program is available under the following conditions:

  • Within a four year period one is entitled to receive full funding for two of our programs. However, it is possible to apply for a third time in four years for a fully funded program, in which case the applicant needs to attach to the application form a short justification of his/her intention.
  • As a general rule, within one academic/calendar year one can not receive funding from two CEU faculty-oriented programs. Participants of SUN are exempted from this rule.
  • Applicants who wish to re-apply for the same type of CRC session (Open House, Course Innovation or Topical Issues in Curriculum Development) should attach to the application form a short justification of their intention. CRC gives preference to applicants who did not participate yet in any CEU faculty initiatives.
  • The above restrictions only apply for those who receive full fundingfrom CEU. Applicants who are able to pay for their participation (to cover travel and accommodation) or receive external funding are eligible to apply to all our programs with no restriction.


  • Participants should attend all scheduled CRC meetings and discussions.
  • Visitors must submit to the CRC a copy of their new or revised course syllabus in electronic format approximately one month after their visit to the CEU.
  • CRC will require written confirmation from the home university library that books purchased through CRC are in the library.
  • Participants who do not meet the above requirements will no longer be considered for future participation in CEU faculty initiative activities (i.e., future CRC sessions, Course Development Competition, Summer University, CEU Visiting Research Fellowships, etc.)
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