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New CRC 2012 Spring Session

Deadline: 11th March, 2012

Media Studies
Teaching ICT Policy Skills
March 26 - 30, 2012

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Description of Sessions

CRC is offering three types of one-week sessions at CEU.



In order to increase the impact of the CRC sessions on the curricula of participants’ local universities, from Spring 2009 we are introducing some new elements in our programs.

1. Some regional departments already signaled to us that in order to have a “critical mass” of revised syllabi and trained faculty members at their departments, they would like to send more than one of their faculty to CRC sessions, in which case they would be willing to cover the costs of the extra participants.

For this reason we are now making possible in case of all types of CRC sessions (Open House, Course Innovation and Topical Issues in Curriculum Development) the participation of more than one faculty member from the same department, if matching funds to cover travel and accommodation for the extra participants are secured by the sending department or university.

2. For the departments that wish, in addition to revise a number of their individual courses, also to align them to the objectives of the whole degree program (i.e. coordinate their courses from the point of view of their place in the overall curriculum, their content, level, approach, learning outcomes etc.) we are offering a new type of CRC session. Those interested in this opportunity, please read the details under the description of the “Topical Issues in Curriculum Development” type of CRC session below.

3. Due to the recent diversification of various CEU faculty oriented programs, we have also widened the scope of our eligibility criteria, creating further opportunities for our past and future participants to follow their personal needs in professional development. For our modified eligibility criteria please see our webpage on eligibility.

Please see upcoming sessions for a list of this semester's sessions

  1. Open House Sessions in broad discipline areas

    The Open House sessions are organized in broad discipline areas covered by one or more CEU departments. These sessions are intended to introduce participants to CEU's approach to a relevant discipline and new techniques for designing courses in that field. To this end the sessions will provide participants access to the facilities and resources of the CEU and the appropriate department, as well as general training workshops on course design and teaching methodology. Participants are invited to use the CEU library, visit relevant classes and meet faculty. The primary target groups of the Open House sessions are junior academics who are at the beginning of their teaching career, or mid-career and senior academics who would benefit from the above offerings.

  2. Course Innovation Sessions

    These sessions intend to explore the cutting edge developments in a particular discipline. The sessions are meant primarily for senior faculty with significant teaching and research experience or for outstanding, research-oriented junior faculty. By discussing recent developments and exploring contemporary debates with CEU's host departments and faculty, participants are expected to revise or update their courses or offer new courses in their particular area of interest. Additional training on course development is also offered by the CRC. These sessions are organised with a strong involvement of CEU departments and often will be combined with a workshop or a conference on the topic of the session.

  3. Topical Issues in Curriculum Development

    These sessions are expected to cover topical issues of particular importance to the development of higher education in the region, in all areas related to curriculum development. Organised by the CRC office in co-operation with a wide range of strategic partners, these sessions address current trends in curriculum development, degree structures and particular or special interest issues. These sessions could be directed at a particular group of academics or focus on a target region or institution(s).

3.a Departmental Curriculum Development Sessions  

Departments that are in the process of revising their existing curricula or are designing new programs (BA or MA) are invited to apply and send a group of their faculty to a new type of CRC session called Departmental Curriculum Development Session. In addition to the regular CRC trainings (in individual course design and teaching methodology), these new sessions would offer workshops in curriculum development, revision and harmonization. Participants will have the opportunity to revise their own individual courses and to coordinate them from the point of view of content, level, approach, learning outcomes, and to jointly design outcomes-based departmental learning grids. In defining the exact content of these sessions we will take into account the specific needs of the applying department.

Timing of these sessions will be between mid-April and end of May, exact timeframe and length of sessions will be agreed upon with selected departments. For the sake of a smooth and quick arrangement of the session, departments are requested to propose more than one timeframe. Interest in a possible session during the 2009 Fall semester can also be signaled on the joint group application form.


The group members need to be selected by the sending department. They all should meet the eligibility criteria of CRC, and should fill out an individual application form. Beside the individual application forms a joint group application form should be filled out and sent with all the application materials, possibly in one e-mail/pack, to the CRC (CEU CRC, 1051 Budapest Nador u. 9, crc@ceu.hu).

Following the selection of departments the CRC will contact the group leader and start negotiations on funding and the arrangement of the session.

Funding of Departmental Curriculum Development Sessions

CRC covers all the expenses of the group leader (if from the target region) related to travel and accommodation as well as provides him/her with all the benefits a CRC participant receives (book allowance, stipend). The expenses of the rest of the group should be covered through a matching funds scheme which will be individually discussed with the groups.

To download application forms for this type of session please click here.

Deadline for application is 31 January

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