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   Course Title    Nationalism and Ethnicity within a Historical Perspective
Lecturer    Ketevan Geguchadze
Institution    Batumi State University
Country    Georgia

Themes: Nationalism: definitions,causes,consequences. Nation and Nationalism.What is Ethnicity? Different Kinds of National Identity.Nationalism and Nation-State. Nationalism and Democracy. Nation-State and Globalization. Ethnic Identity and Ethnic nationalism. Nationalism, Identity and and Conflict. Multiethnic Society and Conflict.Nationalhood and the National Question in the Soviet Union and Post Soviet Countries. Nationalism and Conflict in the Caucasus Region.


Week 1. Nationalism: definitions, causes, consequences

Theories of nationalism. Alternative models of nation formation. Perennialist theories.Modernist theories: socio-economic developmentalism, cultural constructionalism. Nationalism, Nationalhood and Political Theory.

A.Smith. Nations and Nationalism in a Global Era.

A.Smith.Nationalism and Modernism

M.Canovan. Nationalhood and Political Theory

B.Anderson. Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism.

M.Moore. National self-determination and secession.

G.Eley. Nationalism and Social History


Week 2. Nation and Nationalism

Why has the ‘nation’ and its ‘nationalism’ become so dominant and widespread throughout the world? Why do people feel loyalty to their nation, as well as to their family, region, class and religion? When is a healthy sense of national identity transformed into a virulent nationalism? Does the argument that there are distinctive " Eastern" and "Western" nationalism doctrines have a value today? Or did it ever?

A.Smith. Nations and Nationalism in aGlobal Era.

E.Hobsbawm. Nations and Nationalism since 1780

R.Rogowski. Causes and Varieties of Nationalism.

M. Hechter. Nationalism as Group Solidarity.

E. Gellner. Nationalism in the Vacuum


Week 3. What is Ethnisity?

Ethnicity in History. The historical development of ethnic relations. The role of different ethnic bases in the formation of modern nations. To what extent are nationalism and ethnicity malleable and " constructed", and if so, by whom? What are the implications of this for international politics?

A.Smith. Nations and Nationalism in Global Era.

R.McKim Morality of Nationalism

D.Miller Citizenship and National Identity

O.Patterson. Context and Choice in Ethnic Allegiance.

W.Connor. Ethnonationalism


Week 4. Different Kinds of National Identity

Territorial and ethnic kinds of national identity, and their impact on the politics of different parts of the world. What differentiates national identities from other identities- individual or communal- that people may have. What does it mean to think of oneself as belonging to a national community?

A.D.Smith. National Identity.

A.D.Smith. National Identity and Myths of Ethnic Descent

k. Kodua. Symbolic Ethnicity


Week 5. Nationalism and the Nation-State

Theories of nationalosm and the nation-state. Nationalism, as a state building movement. The role of state in shaping national identity.

K. Shavadze . Nationalism and State Interests

K.Gadziev. Nation-state or Multinational state?

R.J.Holton. Globalization and the Nation-State


Week 6. Nationalism and Democracy

Political theory about nationalism and democracy. Nationalism, ethnic minority and democracy. How can particularistic and often antagonistic group identities be reconciled with the unifying mission of the modern democtatic state?

G. Nodia. Nationalism and Democracy

L.Diamond., M.Plattner. Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Democracy.


Week 7. Globalization and the Nation-State

Ideals of national sovereignty and increasingly interdependent world. Is globalization an unstoppable force that will destroy or maginalize the nation-state? Does democracy and globalization fuel nationalism?

R.J.Holton. Globalization and the Nation-State.

A.D.Smith. Nations and Nationalism in a Global Era

C.Navarri. Origins of the nation-state


Week 8. Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Nationalism

Ethnicity and nationhood. National and ethnic identity. Etnicity and multiculturalism. Ethnic identity and selfdetermination. What are the ethnic roots of so many contemporary conflicts?

D.Miller. Citizenship and Mational Identity.

A.D.Smith. National Identity


Week 9. Nationalism and Conflict

Nationalism and the roots of conflict. Various kinds of conflicts. Nationalism as a cause of conflict in contemporary world politics. Can conflicts engendered by nationalism be overcome by global political regulation?

F.Plattner. Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict,and Democracy.

R.Mckim. Morality of Nationalism.

A.D.Smith. Nations and Nationalism in a Global Era.


Week 10. Multiethnic Society and Conflict

Ethnic nationalism and/or political extremism? Etnic seperatism and autonomism in the multiethnic society. Ethnic groups in conflicts. The security dilemma and ethnic conflict.

K.Kodua. Multiethnic Societies and Ethnic Conflicts.

L.Diamond, M.F.Plattner. Nationalism, Etnic Conflict and Democracy

M.Leifer. Asian Nationalism


Week 11. Nationhood and the National Question in the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Countries

The nationalities factor in soviet politics. Multinationalism and separatism. Nationalism and democratic transition in post communist societies.

J.Ishiyama. Institutions and Ethnopolitical Conflict in Post-Communist Politics

K.Gadziev. National Question and Post-Socialism.

A.Nikolski. Nationalism and Democratic Transformation.

J.Snyder. Naionalism and the crisis of the post-soviet state.


Week 12. Nationalism and Conflict in the Caucasus Region

Nations, ethnicity and ethnic minorities in the Caucasus. Conflict and peacemaking in multiethnic societies. Conflict in the Caucasus: ethnic conflict or political manipulation?

S.James. Georgia- failed democratic transition.

K.Gadziev. Conflict in the Caucasus.

A. Nikolski, Nations and National question in the Caucasus.

K. Kashia. Seperatism and Extremism in the Post Soviet Countries

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