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   Course Title    Theories of Nationalism
Lecturer    Andrej Findor
Institution    Academia Istrapolitana Nova
Country    Slovakia

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of nationalism. The revival of national sentiments and the consequent dissolution of multinational states are characteristic features of the post-communist epoch. Although the course examines the phenomenon of nationalism from the perspectives of various academic disciplines, the interdisciplinary noethic synthesis is not its ultimate goal. The course focuses on those ideas, concepts and theories, which provide sufficient analytical framework for grasping the phenomena related to nations, ethnicity and nationalism in their full diversity.

Course Requirements

Students are required to:

  1. Regularly attend the classes (lectures + seminars). If absent, students are required to write additional position papers from extra readings assigned to them by the lecturer. The maximum number of absences is 4. More than 4 absences automatically result in a fail grade for the course.
  2. Prepare position papers (1-2 pages) from course readings on each seminar (30% of final grade)
  3. Actively discuss the topics during the seminars (10% of final grade)
  4. Prepare 1 presentation of case study dealing with nationalism in particular country (20% of final grade)
  5. Write final essay (5000 words) on previously agreed and consulted topic (40% of final grade)

Course Syllabus

  1. Discourses and Debates on Nationalism
    • Umut Ozkirimli: Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction. St. Martin's Press: New York, 2000. Pp. 12-63.
  2. Primordialism
    • Clifford Geertz: Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays. Fontana, London: 1993. 2nd edition. Pp. 220-256.
    • Pierre van den Berghe: „Race and Ethnicity: A Sociobiological Perspective", Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1 (4), 1978, Pp. 401-411.
  3. Modernism - Economic
    • Michael Hechter: „Internal Colonialism Revisited", In: E. A. Tiryakian and R. Rogowski (eds.): New Nationalisms of the Developed West. Allen & Unwin, Boston: 1985. Pp. 17-26.
    • Tom Nairn: The Break-up of Britain: Crisis and Neo-Nationalism. Verso: London, 1981. 2nd edition. Pp. 14-43.
  4. Modernism - Political
    • John Breuilly: Nationalism and the State. Manchester University Press: Manchester, 1993. 2nd edition. Pp. 1-18.
    • Eric J. Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger (eds.): The Invention of Tradition. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 1983. Pp. 1-25.
  5. Modernism - Social and Cultural
    • Ernest Gellner: Nations and Nationalism. Blackwell: Oxford, 1983. Pp. 28-49.
    • Benedict Anderson: Imagined Communities: Reflections and the Origins and Spread of Nationalism. Verso: London, 1991. 2nd edition. Pp. 1-16, 30-47.
  6. Critique of Modernism
    • Anthony D. Smith: Nationalism and Modernism. Routledge: London, 1998. Pp. 199-220.
  7. Ethno-Symbolism
    • Anthony D. Smith: National Identity. Penguin: London, 1991. Pp. 22-49.
    • Umut Ozkirimli: Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction. St. Martin's Press: New York, 2000. Pp. 167-190.
  8. Everyday Nationalism
    • Michael Billig: Banal Nationalism. SAGE: London, 1995. Pp. 1-45.
  9. Gender and Nationalism
    • Nora Yuval-Davis: Gender and Nation. SAGE: London, 1997. Pp. 1-38.
  10. Theory of Nationalism?
    • Umut Ozkirimli: Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction. St. Martin's Press: New York, 2000. Pp. 212-233.

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