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   Course Title    Competition Law
Lecturer    Galina Maximova
Institution    Economic University of Varna
Country    Bulgaria


This course is divided in 4 modules each consisting of 4 hours. The first three modules are delivered by the teacher and the last is run by students. Students are expected to prepare a presentation on a certain (chosen) problem or case which is of greater interest to them. In the beginning of the course they are provided by the teacher with a provisional table of cases. The cases are distributed in English language as they are not translated in Bulgarian.

For each module students should read cases (or at least summary of cases) related to the matter. Modules start with a lecture and complete with a discussion based on a case-study.

Objectives of the course

The purpose of the course is to provide students with a general overview of the EC Competition Law and acquaint them with the principles and landmark cases. Parallel shall be drawn with the recent developments of the Bulgarian domestic Competition Law.

Course Content


The Concept of Undertakings and Group Economic Units. Concept is developed by doctrine and by Court practice. Parallel between the EC and the domestic law doctrine.


Mannesman v. High Authority case

Suiker Unie v. Commission case (known as the Sugar Cartel case)

Pittsburgh Corning Europe case

Agreements, Decisions and Concerted Practices. European courts practice and the practice of the Bulgarian Commission on Protection of Competition.


Brasserie de Haecht v. Wilkin-Janssens

Ford v. Commission case

Dyestuffs case

Sugar Cartel case

Commission v. Cement Producers

Key findings



Exemptions. Conditions of Exemptions (positive and negative conditions). Group Exemptions and Individual Exemption. How this question is posed in the European doctrine and in the domestic doctrine? Comparative analysis. (Regulations of the European Commission - Regulation 17 and Merger Regulation)


Distillers Co. v. Commission case

VBVB and VBBB v. Commission case

Horizontal Agreements

Case-study: Woodpulp case

Exclusive distribution and purchasing agreements

Key findings



The Concept of Dominance


United brands case

Maxicar and Others v. Renault case

Abuse and Abusive Exploitation

Case-study: Hoffmann-la Roche case

Comparison with the domestic law developments

Key findings



This module is entirely left to the choice and creativity of students. They have to prepare short presentation on either a theoretical issue, or a case which may be out of the scope of lectures but in the field of Competition law. The presentation may encompass EC competition law or Bulgarian

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