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   Course Title    Protection of Human Rights & International Order
Lecturer    Aigul Z. Kulnazarova
Institution    Kazakh-American University
Country    Kazakhstan

1. Course description & objectives:

The aim of this course is (a) to give clear understanding of the scope, nature & development of the Human Rights at national, regional & international level; (b) to familiarize students wih the important Human Rights norms; (c) to acquaint the students with the modalities for the implementation of Human Rights at regional & international levels & to understand the shortcomings, deficiencies & the problems faced in implementation, & (d) to explain Human Rights in the national perspective & to elaborate the actual field difficulties faced in implementation & enjoyment of these rights.

Expectations of Students' Attainments:

  • The students are expected to be well aware with the importance of international Instruments in the protection of Human Rights.
  • They are expected to be able to understand & appreciate the problems faced by individuals in enjoying, exercising & implementing the Human Rights against the different cultural, social, political & philosophical backgrounds.
  • They are expected to have a comparative understanding of Human Rights in the national, regional & international level.

2. Approaches & methods:

The course has three overlapping teaching segments: (1) instructor's lectures, (2) seminars & one-to-one tutorials to plan research & to review case briefing, (3) your research presentations & critiques. In tutorials you will have an opportunity to clear up questions on texts, defend your research plans, test your knowledge of case briefing.

Each student will select a question from the course, research it, & report on it to peers. Each will also prepare to critique other's reports.

3. Course schedule& home assignments:

Weeks 1&2. Introduction to the course - 1 hour

Syllabus issues: short overview of the course content, explanation of grading policy, office hours, research issues, academic writing skills on legal problems etc.

Introduction to Protection of Human Rights & International Order

Historical view: leading to international concern with human rights. Philosophical & legal foundation of human rights: Human Rights concepts. Peculiarities of specific cultures & minimum standards of Human Rights: Kazakh, European, American. Relationship of civil & political rights vis--vis economic, social & cultural rights, in western democracy, planned economy, communisms.

Week 3. Seminar assignment:

What are 'Human Rights'? What is the UN - How des it function? How do human rights form part of International Law?

Week 4. International Human Rights standards

General norms: UN Charter. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. UN Covenants on Human Rights.

Weeks 5&6. Specific norms relating to:

(a) Minorities, (b) Genocide, (c) Racial Discrimination, (d) Children, (e) Refugees, (h) Prisoners.

Week 7. Midterm exam - 2 hrs.

Week 8. Seminar assignment:

The International Bill of Human Rights. The International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights with Commentary & supplementary human rights instruments.

Week 9. Monitoring, Reporting & Investigating in a State in Emergency

How to monitor: prisons, trials, hospitals, and vulnerable groups. How to investigate: practical steps on gathering evidence. How to report: how to write a report, how to take a statement, how to collate evidence.

Week 10. Promoting & Monitoring human rights in a State in Transition

MEC: Mediation, Education & Communication. Commissions of Inquiry. Constitutions & Elections.

Weeks 11&12. International Reporting & Complaints Procedures

A. Urgent Actions. Formal procedures. Informal procedures. UN Committee of Experts. B. European Court. International American Court. Organization of African Unity.

Week 13. Kazakhstan's Panorama of Human Rights

Historical, Philosophical. Rights of oppressed groups. Rights of the Minorities. Right to Life & Personal Liberty & Due Process of Law.

Week 14. Presentations

Last week will be devoted to the research presentations & critiques.

Week 15. Final exam.

4. Readings:

(1) Falk R. HR & State sovereignty; (2) O'Connor McGlen. Women's right; (3) Brownlie I. Basic documents on HR; (4) Rodly N. Treatment of Prisoners under IL; (5) Moskowitz M. International concern with HR; (6) Donnelly J. Concept of HR.

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