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   Course Title    Contemporary Theories of Political Science
Lecturer    Oleg Zaznaev
Institution    Kazan State University
Country    Russia

Course Description

The course will be offered in the Spring Semester of the 1997/98 academic year for the fourth-year students in International Relations. A precondition for taking the course is for the students to pass the "Politology" course (Introduction to Political Science) and to be familiar with basic concepts of political science.

The major objective of the course is to introduce students to contemporary political science theories concerning problems of democracy. Focusing on selected theories of comparative government and politics concerning democracy, students will become familiar with conceptual and theoretical analysis. Theories included in the course are the following: political system and political regime, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, models of democracy, transition to democracy, forms of government, federalism, political development and modernization.

The course consisits of one lecture per week, a total of 9 lectures in one semester. Students are welcome to ask questions during the lecture. Passing the final examination is the condition of passing the course.

Instead of seminars, video presentations will be organized. Those who are interested in theoretical and practical aspects of democracy are welcome to watch the film The Struggle for Democracy (Freedom House; author - Patrick Watson). Recommended video hours will be scheduled in the beginning of classes.

Required Readings:

The mandatory readings are listed below and are grouped according their topics. They were selected with a strong thematic focus. They include extracts from textbooks, important monographs, scientific articles, articles from political journals both in Russian and English languages. Titles are available in the Kazan University library. The syllabus includes also lists of recommended (optional) readings for those students who wish to write essays or who are interested in deeper aspects of selected topics.

Schedule of Lectures and Readings

To download the detailed schedule of lectures and readings please click here.

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