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   Course Title    External Relations in the European Community
Lecturer    Alexandru Costescu
Institution    National School of Political Studies and Public Administration
Country    Romania

The course approaches the European Community as a new, distinct actor on the international arena. The first part explores the internal transformations of the EC wich have shaped its actions in the field of external relations. The second part deals with EC external relations with specific partners or areas.


I. The Foreign Policy Making Process

European Political Cooperation: origins and main criteria.

Legal status of the EC. Scope of external competences. Express competences of special character. Express competences of general character: association agreements. External agreements:

    1. procedure of concluding external agreements;

    2. jurisdiction of the Court of Justice on external agreements;

    3. direct applicability and supremacy of external agreements.

The actors: Major actors (Council of Ministers, Presidency, European Council, Commission, European Parliament). Subsidiary actors (Political Committee, Working Groups).

The first 25 years of Community Foreign Policy: from The Hague Summit in 1969 to the Maastricht Treaty. The 1990s Policy Revisions.

A Common Foreign Policy and Maastricht. Dilemmas and Limitations.


II. The European Community and the Mediterranean countries

The Mediterranean economy. The Security dimension. Islam: political implications for Europe. Europe and the Maghreb: towards a common space. EC - Middle East relations: the peace process. EC - Turkish relations.

III. The European Community and the Arab countries

Economic relations between EC and the Arab League. Origins of the Euro - Arab dialogue. The preparatory stage (1974-1975). The substantive stage: the General Committee Meetings (1976-1978). The EC - Gulf dialogue. The new

stage: the acceptance of the political dimension in the dialogue.

IV. The European Community and the United States

The US and the emerging European Actor. Responses to the Single Market and the EMU. NATO and WEU. Conclusions.

V. The European Community and Japan

The evolving EC foreign policy network relations with Japan. Perceptions of the Single Market and the Economic and Monetary Union. Japanís response to European Integration. Emergence of a pattern of economic tripolarity.

VI. The European Community and the post-Soviet Newly Independent States.

EC Policy regarding the Soiviet Union and the successor states of the Soviet Union. The first Agreement. Cooperation and aid. New foreign policy perspectives.

VII. The European Community and Central and Eastern Europe

The EC Central European Policy. Maastricht and Sarajevo: The EC and the Balkans. The EC policy of the Visegrad Countries. EC and Romania. The other candidates. The enlargement process.

VIII. Conclusions


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