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   Course Title    Marketing Management
Lecturer    Meruyert Narenova
Institution    Alma Ata School of Management
Country    Kazakstan

I. Course objectives


This course provides an introduction to all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing planning, marketing research, product planning and development, promotion planning, distribution and pricing. It provides an understanding of the theories of  the marketing mix variables, and a practical application in the context of the marketing management cycle processes of research, planning, organization, implementation and control. The latter part of the program examines the process of marketing management in different sectors of Kazakstan’s economy.


Acquired level of skills and know-how:

·        Appreciate the holistic role of marketing  in a firm

·        Distinguish between the specific nature of different markets, goods and services

·        Understand the theories and practices behind the marketing mix variables

·        Develop knowledge of and skill in the operating techniques of the marketing management cycle processes

·        Examine the marketing context of relevant sectors in the Kazak economy

Required background of students (entry level):

The students must know the principles of Micro- and Macroeconomics, Theory and practice of Management and Statistics.


II. Role of the course in the overall degree curriculum


This course is planned to be a fundamental base for other Marketing courses, such as Strategic Marketing Planning, Industrial  Marketing, Marketing Research, International Marketing, Services Marketing. It’s intended as a practical tool on how to make right decisions on marketing mix strategies. This course also has a fit with such integrative courses as Strategic Management, International Business, Financial Management etc. 


III. Method of instruction

Different methods of instruction are used during the course: lectures, cases, exercises and seminars. All of these are oriented to develop the analytical capacity of the students. Much attention is paid to the development of practical skills and knowledge.

Various experiences of marketing management by domestic and foreign companies are also studied. One of the most important elements of this course is the self-study with different cases and other assignments.


Case assignments

Cases are especially selected for this course and reflect both Kazak and foreign companies’ experiences. Cases will develop students’ problem solving skills as well as their ability to work in a team.



This course includes different practical exercises, for example, price calculation or forecasting sales using different methods, etc.


IV. Course Outline


Part I. An Overview of Marketing Management


1. Marketing and Marketing Management Process

Marketing functions and their characteristics

Marketing’s role - facilitating exchange in society

Marketing institutions

Marketing culture

The marketing management process


2. The Strategic Role of Marketing

Corporate, business and marketing strategies – different issues at different organizational levels

Strategic decisions at the corporate and the business unit level

Marketing implications in business strategies


Part II. Market Opportunity Analysis


1. Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Characteristics of the marketing environment

Critical component of the marketing environment

Strategic environmental issue management


2. Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior

Consumers’ purchasing decisions

The high- and low-involvement decision-making process

Psychological, personal and social influences on consumer decision-making processes


3. Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior

Comparing organizational and consumer markets

Goods and services purchased by organizational buyers

Organizational buying behavior and decision–making processes

The importance and scope of organizational markets


4. Market Segmentation

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Managing segmentation process

Targeting strategies

Positioning decisions


5. Industry and Competitor Analysis

Identification of industry groups and potential competitors

The importance of individual competitor analysis


6. Marketing Research

Market research types and process

Market measurements

Absolute and relative market potentials


Part III. Developing Strategic Marketing Programs


1. Business Strategies, and Marketing Planning

The Marketing Planning Process

The fit between business and marketing strategies


2. Product Decisions

Product classifications

Product quality, branding and packaging

Servicing products

Product-line strategy decisions

The new product strategies


3. Pricing Decisions

Price setting process

Price strategies

Adapting price policies


4. Distribution Decisions

Managing distribution channels

Channels functions

Strategic distribution issues


5. Promotion mix decisions

Promotion programs


Sales force management


Part IV. Implementing Business and Marketing Strategies


1. Business and marketing strategies implementation

Business and marketing strategies implementation issues

Strategy, structure and process

Marketing actions


2. Monitoring and Controlling Marketing Programs

The control process

The marketing audit


Part V. Marketing Management in Transition Economies


1. Marketing Management in Kazakstan and other Transition Economies

Overview of Kazakstan product and services sectors

The evaluation of a marketing culture in transition economies

An assessment of marketing management in Kazakstan


V. Readings


1. Main textbooks (Russian):

·        D.Evans & B.Berman. Marketing. : Moscow, Economics, 1993

·        F.Kotler Basics of Marketing . :Moscow, Progress, 1990

·        E.Dichtle &H.Hershgen Practical Marketing.: Moscow, 1995

·        Academy of  Market/ Marketing .:Moscow, Finance and Statistics, 1991


2. Supplementary reading materials (English)

·        H. Boyd & O.Walker Marketing Management: A Strategic Approach.: Irwin, 1996

·        F.Kotler Marketing Management , 6th  Edition, Prentice Hall, 1994

·        Marketing.: Barrons’s Business Review Series, 1993

·        C.McDaniel & R..Gates Contemporary Marketing Research: West Publishing Company, 1996

·        A.Payne The Essence of Services Marketing.: Prentice Hall, 1993

·        J.Bateson Managing Services Marketing. :Dryden Press, 1995


Case materials:

They are based on materials relating Kazak and foreign companies marketing experiences


Some additional recommended references are provided for special topics during the course


Graphical illustrations explaining theories and concepts are used.

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