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   Course Title    Project Management
Lecturer    Alfredas Chmieliauskas
Institution    Comenius University, School of Management
Country    Slovakia


Objectives: to teach the contemporary project management principles and their usage in organising complex unique and/or lengthy tasks, i.e.: defining project goals based on requirements of scope, performance, duration, and costs; preparing a project proposal for negotiations; developing a project plan including scheduling and resource allocation; project budgeting;  evaluating project risk; leading a project team; and monitoring project progress.


Class topics

1.      Project definitions.  Project management concept.  Mission and goals.  Project scope, performance, duration, and cost.  Types of projects and their classifications.  Feasibility analysis.  2. Project proposal.  Statement of work.  Milestones.  Activity definition.  Work breakdown structure.  Hierarchy of activities.

2.      Project schedule.  Gantt chart.  Network diagrams.  Activity sequencing.  Types of network diagrams. PERT: history and current usage.  Critical path method.

3.      Impact of scarce resources.  Resource allocation.  Resource aggregation, levelling and smoothing.  Hierarchy of resources.  Resource problems.

4.      Project cost elements.  Types of contracts.  Project pricing.  Project evaluation and budgeting.  Analysis of alternatives.

5.      Project risk.  Sources of risk.  Cost risk.  Schedule risk.  Business forecast risk.  Attitudes towards risk.  Methods and tools for risk analysis.  Decision trees.  Risk management.  Sharing financial risk.

6.      Organising a project.  Project stakeholders.  Project organisational structure.  Project team.  Team roles.  Group decisions.  Team development.  Leading a project.  Code of ethics of project leader.

7.      Monitoring and control.  Project monitoring.  Progress metrics.  Project reports.  Cost/schedule control systems criteria.  Project correction.  Finishing a project.



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2.      James P. Lewis, Project Planning, Scheduling and Control, London, Irwin, 350 p.

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4.      David I. Cleland (Editor), Project Management Casebook, Project Management Institute Pubns, 1997


The course structure is reflected in Fig. 1 (CLICK HERE)

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