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   Course Title    Slavonic national movement in the field of force of Habsburg and Romanov Empires in the 19-th century
Lecturer    Galina Rokina
Institution    Mari Pedagogical University
Country    Russian Fedaration

  1. Aim of the course

    The aim of this course is to explore the place which was occupied by the Slavonic problem in the policies of the Habsburg and Romanov empires. At the same time it is also an aim of the course to explore how nationalism theories correspond to the concrete historical situation in the second half of the XIXth century.

  2. Role of the course in the overall degree curriculum

    This course fits into the curriculum of our History department. Our students listen to the course of Russian history and Modern History. This special course is of special importance as there. s no course in Slavic History in the curriculum of our department. There is no course in the Nationalism theories either.

  3. Methods used

    Modern nationalism theoriesof Hroch, Hellner, Hobsbawm, Anderson.

  4. Course content

    The course will be composed of seven lectures and two workshops. Each student will have to write a paper by the end of the course.

    Course development plan :

    1. Historiography and sources of the Slavic question in the Austrian and Russian Empires (American, Austrian and Russian versions). Conception of the Polyethnical (or Multicultural) region. (2 hours)

    2. Political, cultural and economical situation of the Slavs in the Austrian Empire. The problem of Slavic revival in the 19-th century. (2 hours)

    3. Rusification policy of Russian Empire in the second half of the 19-th century К.Pobedonoszev, А.Budilovich, V.I. Lamansky. (2 hours)

    4. The problem of Rutens and Slovaks in the Slavonic policy of the both empires. (2 hours)

    5. The role of Slavonic- particularly Rutens- question in the Hungarian Parliament at the last third of the 19-th century. (2 hours)

    6. Slovak Nationalism and Russian Pan-Slavismus at the end of the 19th century: points of contact and mutual influence. (2 hours)

    7. The idea of Slavonic Austrian Federation on the eve of the World War I. (2 hours)

    Slavonic national movement in the field of force of Habsburg and Romanov Empires in the 19-th century" -workshop (4 hours)

  1. Readings

    1. Hroch M.

    Social Preconditions of National Revival in Europe

    Cambridge 1985

    2. Hobsbawm E.J.

    Nations and Nationalism since 1780


    3. Editors R.L.Rudolf and D.F.Good

    Nationalism and Empire : The Habsburg Monarchy and the Soviet Union

    New- York 1992

    4.Weeks Th. R.

    The National World of Imperial Russia/ 1894-1914

    Ph. D. Diss. University of California, Berkeley 1992

    5.Освободительное движение народов Австрийской империи.- Москва, 1980

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