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   Course Title    Gender, Nation and Citizenship
Lecturer    Nino Chubinidze
Institution    Tbilisi State University
Country    Russian Federation

The course "Gender, Nations and Citizenship" is for the first grade MA degree Psychologist students. The course aims to show gender studies' interdisciplinary nature, its political, economical and cultural context. The course contains 14 classes and an exam for 30 students. The course will analyze the roles of gender and sexuality in political life and national awareness. I expect students will achieve a systematical knowledge in this field and as a result they should be able to conduct specialized researches by their own.

  1. Psychological, social and cultural approaches of gender research development. Sexuality, History of Sexuality, Scientific and Cultural approaches to Sexuality. Cultural and Personal criteria of sexual behavior. Sexual breeding. Cultural context of sexual communication. Sexual behavior in modern society.
  2. Gender and Nation: Women and the Biological Reproduction of the Nation. Cultural Reproduction and Gender Relations. Cultural Changes and Modernity. Identity politics and multi cultural approaches.
  3. Citizenship and difference, Social Rights and social difference, Active/passive Citizenship, International and National Women's movement.

Methods of Instruction and Learning

In my view, in order to get students fully comprehend learning material it is necessary to make lectures interactive. This curriculum is the first trial of discussing the above mentioned issues among the students. That is why the course might include 10-15 minuets long class discussions at the end of the each class.

Students will also be provided with reading material in the field, for each lecture. They will prepare one individual essay and one group research. At the end of the course there will be an exam.

The course is the first attempt to gain an understanding of the important intersections of Gender, Nationality and Citizenship.

Composition and Final Grades

Participation and class attendance will be figured directly into the grade.

  • Final grade:

    Individual Paper ------- 30%
  • Group research --------- 20%
  • Exam --------- 50%


Class 1
Histories of Sex
Jeffry Weeks, "Sex, Politics and Society", 1981, pp. 1-18

Class 2
Scientific and Generally-Cultural approches to sexuality.
Gary F. Kelly, "Sexuality Today. The Human Perspective", 2000, /Piter/, pp. 6-66

Class 3
Interpretation of Gender
Gary F. Kelly "Sexuality Today. The Human Perspective", 2000, /Piter/, pp. 161-219

Class 4
The Theories of Sexuality
Richard A. Posner, "Sex and Reason"1994 pp.85-220

Class 5
Sexual Behavior in the modern Society. Homogendered orientation, Conceptions of Homogender orientations.
Gary F. Kelly "Sexuality Today. The Human Perspective", 2000, /Piter/, pp. 225-267

Class 6
Gender Roles in Cultures, Difference and Identity of Gender,
David G. Myers, "Social Psychology" 2000, /Piter/ p. 225-267
Ayala M. Pines, Chrisrina Maslach, "Social Psychology- Readings and Projects"
2000, /Piter/ pp. 106-138, 167-208.

Class 7
Sexual Development and Emotions. Socialization of Emotions, Bio-Psychological and physiological characteristics of Shame, Socialization of Shame, Shame and Sexual Development .
Karol E. Isard, "Psychology of Emotions," 2000/Piter/
Levis M., Sullivan M.W.,Stengerc., Weiss M.,"Self-Development and Self-Consious of Emotions" 1989 pp. 146-156

Class 8
Gender and Nation. Analyzing Women and Gender Relations.
Nira Yuval-Devis,"Gender and nation", 1998, pp.1-25

Class 9
Culture and Socialization: The Family, Peers and Preferences, Television, School.
Linda L. Linsey," Gender Roles: a Sociological Perspectives." 1997, pp. 53-74, 160-221.

Class 10
Women and Biological Reproduction of the Nation. Reproductive Rights, National Reproduction and Feminist Politics.
Ira Yuval-Devis, "Gender and nation", 1998, pp. 26-67
Linda L. Linsey," Gender Roles: a Sociological Perspectives."1997, p. 338-365
Robert Wright, "The Moral Animal. Evolutionary Psychology and Everyday Life"1994.

Class 11
Citizenship and Difference. Citizenship, Nationalism and Community. Citizenship's Rights and Duties.
Nira Yuval-Devis,"Gender and nation", 1998, pp. 68-92

Class 12
International Women's movement and Women's Rights.
Hazel Houghton-James. "Sexual Harassment" 1995, pp. 97-156
General Resolutions and Declarations about Women's rights .

Class 13
International and National Women's Non-Governmental Organizations and there role in development of civil society.

Class 14
Presentation of the Individual essays and Group project.

Class 15

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