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   Course Title    Modern Problems of Environmental Science
Lecturer    Vitaliy Zamostyan
Institution    Kiev Mohyla Academy
Country    Ukraine

Aim of course

The aim of the course is to teach students the theoretical and the methodological aspects of environmental science in Ukraine and about international experience in this field.

Lectures (24 hours)

The syllabus of the course consists of 4 main parts:

  1. Fundamentals of classic ecology (lectures - 6 ac. hours, P&F - 4 ac. hours), including structure and energy passes of ecosystems, biogeological cycles, population ecology etc.
  2. Global environmental problems (lectures - 8 ac. hours, P&F - 6 ac. hours), including global warming, ozone layer depletion etc.
  3. Regional environmental problems in Ukraine (lectures - 6 ac. hours, P&F - 4 ac. hours), including radioecological problems of estranges zone and its rehabilitation for agricultural use, problems of industrial centers and their surroundings, land contamination in countryside, problem of small rivers etc. One of required case studies of this module is contemporary analysis of environmental problems in several countryside regions of Ukraine (one of which is contaminated as a result of Chernobyl accident).
  4. Environmental ethics and history of environmental thought (lectures - 4 ac. hours, P&F - 2 ac. hours), including Neo-Malthusian versus Cornucopia's. Practical and Fieldwork Laboratory practical, workshops and site visits Coursework Assessments 50 % Project; 50 % problem-solving

Recommended books:

  • Author: Ed. Bellinger, Norman Lee Title: Environmental Assessment in Countries in Transition ISBN: 9639116920-0 Year: 2000 Publisher: CEU PRESS
  • Author: Charles J. Krebs Title: ECOLOGY ISBN: 006500410-8Year: 1994 Publisher: HarperCollins College
  • Author: Larry W. Canter Title: Environmental Impact Assessment ISBN: 007114103-0 Year: 1996 Publisher: Mc.Graw-Hill, Inc.
  • Author: Eugene P. Odum Title: Ecology: a Bridge Between Science and Society ISBN: 0-87893-630-0 Year: 1997 Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Inc.
  • Author: J.E.Andrews, P.Brimblecombe, T.D.Jickells, P.S.Liss Title: An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry ISBN: 0-632-03854-3 Year: 1996 Publisher: Blackwell Science Ltd.
  • Author: Miller J. Tailor Title: Living in the Environment ISBN: 0-534-08052-9Year: 1988 Publisher: A Division of Wadsworth, Inc.
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