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   Course Title    Environmental Economics
Lecturer    Galina Gladkevitch
Institution    Moscow State University
Country    Russia

  1. Aim of the course: To familiarize students with the system of commercial utilization of the natural resources of Russia and to gain an understanding of the economic laws of nature management accepted in West countries.
  2. Role of the course in the overall degree curriculum: The course is one of the main courses of base economic education of the Geography Faculty students, Moscow State University. It is also taught for the students of Biological and Soil Faculty.
  3. Methods used: This course will be run as a series of lectures and seminars. The students fulfil practical tasks, tests and write essays.
  4. Course content
  5. Lectures:

    1. Introduction. Nature management in the cooperation of nature and society, interdependence of nature management and resource management, environmental protection and ecological safety. Basic concepts. Nature and economy: ecological imperative in the economics. The role of natural factors in the creation of national wealth. Ecological factor of economic development. Pollution of the environment. Sources and objects of environmental protection.
    2. Theoretical basis of environmental economics. Empirical and theoretical knowledge in environmental economics. Historical background and origins of theoretical basis of environmental economics. Historical consistency and continuity of forms of social and environment interrelation: use, protection and reproduction of natural assets. Conception of concealed ecological cost. Forms of concealed ecological cost. Evaluation of concealed ecological cost. Concept of ecological risk.
    3. Economical mechanism of nature management. Types of economic mechanism of nature management, historical formation features. Theory of direct and indirect ecological regulation. Tools of direct and indirect ecological regulation. Market and nature management. Economic assessment of nature goods and nature management pricing. Evaluation of ecological effect and damage. Nature protection expenses and efficiency of nature management.
    4. Economic problems of natural resources use. Natural resources as an economic category. Natural resources and national wealth. World market price dynamics on the natural resources and the regulation. The problem of property on the natural resources and its solution in the world. Economic regulations of natural resources use. Economic assessment of natural resources, theory and practice. Specific features of economic assessment of some natural resources modes.
    5. Economics in the nature management controlling. Economics ecologization mechanisms. State and market in environmental protection. Standard and progressive norms of nature management and environment quality. Economic methods of nature management controlling in the modern Russia and their normative legal base. Ecological-economic modeling for the aims of nature management control, Russian and foreign experience. Ecological management in Western countries and its economic basis: ecological audit, ecological certification, ecological licensing and ecological insurance.
    6. International aspects of environmental economics. Global environmental problems and financing of their overcoming. Ecological programs of the World Bank and another financial institutes. Global environmental policy and its economical content. International cooperation in the protection of the environment, ecological safety and its financing.
    7. Actual nature management problems in modern Russia. State regulation of use, reproduction and protection of Russian natural resources. Insurgency coordination in the nature management, effected by Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. Regional control policy of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. The mechanism of regional policy in Russia and nature management.
    8. Economic-organizational problems of nature management. General questions of perfecting economic regulation of nature management under modern conditions. Social-economic crisis and nature-resort complex. Payment for the natural resources as a major element of economic mechanism of efficient nature management. Nature management and economic activity licensing. Insurance of negative risks of the environment. Creation of audit system in the use, reproduction and protection of natural resources.
    9. Economic Assessment of natural resources of Russia. Climatic resources. Assessment of territory as a resource for economic development. Mineral resources. State regulations of the use of mineral resources. Economic stimulation in the resources-economy. Water resources. State regulations of the water fund. Land and forest resources. Biological resources of mainland, water biological resources. Principal positions of the control of the fish industry.
    10. Financial provision of activity in the environment. Environmental legislation and normative legal provision of nature management. Scientific investigations and elaboration of the problems of the environment. Monitoring of natural resources and the environment. Informational provision of the environment.

  6. Readings
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    B. Recommended

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