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   Course Title    Theory and Policy of Economic Integration
Lecturer    Dilyaram Sansyzbayeva
Institution    National State University in Kyrgyzsatn
Country    Kyrgyzsatn


The main goal of the course is to introduce the theoretical and practical aspects on economic and political integration of world countries, consequently, focusing on the integration CISís countries. The course will address the following issues: 1) theory of economic integration. 2) The European Union as a successful story of economic and political cooperation of European countries. 3) Development of economic and political integration of CIS countries: The Eurasian Union.


Students are required to attend regularly and participate actively in the course.

Students are expected to prepare a final paper by the end of the course. The deadline for preparing the proposals of papers is March 1, 2002. The deadline for submission of paper is May 10. They will pass two mini tests and the final exam.

Grading: in class activity - 30%; paper -40%; the exam and tests- 30%.


The Course Outline

Week 1


Section 1 The Theory of Economic Integration

2. Static Effect of a Custom Union.

Required: A.A. Gordon, International Trade Economics,

5th ed., South-Western Publ. Co., 1998, Chapter 10, pp. 255-60

Week 2

1. Dynamic Effect of a Custom Union.

Required: A.A. Gordon, Chapter 10, pp. 260-264.

2. Seminar

Week 3

Section 2 The European Union

1. Contemporary World Tendency Towards Regional Economic and Political Integration.

Required: J.J. Schott, "Trading Blocs and World Trading System." World Economy, March 1991.

2. The Creation of a Custom Union: Institutions of the EU

Required: A.A. Gordon, Chapter 11, pp. 291-305.

Recommended: A. de la Torre, and M.R. Kelly. Regional Trade Arrangements. Occasional Paper no. 93. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund, March 1992.

Week 4

1. EU Custom Union: Free Trade in Industrial and Agricultural Products.

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 307-311.

2. Seminar

Week 5

1. Toward an Economic Union: Completing the Common Market

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 312-320.

Recommended: D. Swan, The Economics of the Common Market. 6th

ed. London: Penguin Books, 1988, pp. 115-125.

2. Seminar

Week 6

1. Toward an Economic Union: Creating a Monetary Union.

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 322-328.

Recommended: A. Giovannini, The Transition to Monetary Union. Essays in International Finance no. 178. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, June 1992.

2. The EC in Crisis.

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 330-333.

Week 7

1. EC External Economic Relations: the Community and EFTA.

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 333-338.

2. The United State and the Community.

Required: A.A. Gordon, pp. 338-342.

Week 8

Section 3 Economic Integration of CIS Countries

1. Development of the Custom Union of CIS countries.

Required: P. Stepanov, "Mezhdunarodnaya Torgovlya Stran Sodruzhestva", Asia: Economika i Zhizn, 36, Almaty, September 1997, pp.5-8.

Recommended: D. Sansyzbayeva, and L.Buranbayeva, "Liberalization of Kazakhstan's Foreign Trade", the paper prepared for an International Atlantic Economic Society's

conference, Boston, October 1998.

2. From the Custom Union Toward an Eurasian Union.

Required: L.K. Bakayev, N.O. Urpekov, "Central Asia and EAU: realities and perspectives", Economy of Kazakhstan, no.7-8, 1997.

Week 9

Final Exam.

Note: Additional materials will be submitted during the course

a handouts.

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