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   Course Title    State Regulation of Economy
Lecturer    Irina P. Chernaya
Institution    Far Eastern State University
Country    Russia


"State regulation of economy" (SRE) as a scientific discipline is the set of methods influencing the economy and ensuring its steady growth at the stage of building up and functioning of the market relations. Students who will succeed in the course should be confident of the problems of state economic and social policy, management of major economic complexes and branches.

The study of this course should promote the increase of a economy proficiency level of the experts majoring in public administration, fostering the state way of thinking in, that is developing decision-making skills of understanding and meeting national interests.


The problems of state regulation in the modern transition economy of Russia have special significance, with respect to the general course and orientation of reforms. It determines the role and place of the SRE in an economic component of education of future managers of a state and municipal administration.

For successful training students should visit lessons and participate actively in discussion of problems in the seminar. Students will be required to write a final research paper (15-20 pages). At the end of a course each of the requirements will be estimated as follows:

Visiting of lessons and participation in discussions - 20 %

Quality of statements - 20 %

Final research - 60 %


The course is intended to give students a foundation for more advanced studies and research in the fields of economics of the public sector and economic policy. So SRE could be organized in many ways: concentrating on economic policy, pursuing case studies, analyzing of statistic data or theoretical models.

A very useful way to motivate studying and to learn the course on seminars is to discuss material and problems in study groups. Students who have the same tasks for analysis may be grouped together and give a single answer.

The reading are of varying difficult so that the major topics of the course will be accessible to a broad range of students. The primary text for the course will be Economy of Public Sector of Russia by I. Egorov and Economics of the Public Sector by J. E. Stiglitz. Besides, students will use the books from the list of mandatory and recommended literature. The additional material for seminars and final research students can be downloaded from the Internet.


WEEK I and II: Basics of SRE

1. Subject of the course. The Problems and scientific basics of state regulation.

2. Economic functions of the state: protective and productive function, distribution of income.

3. State regulation and economic policy in transition economy.

WEEK III and IV: Essence of the state regulation

1. Concepts, methods and organization of state regulation.

2. Direct, indirect and mixed state regulation of economy.

3. System of public administration and economic federalism. Constitutional economics.

WEEK V and VI: State economy programming

1. The subjects, objects, goals and orientation of programming.

2. Indices and criteria of macroeconomic programming. Efficiency of state programming.

3. National planning. The problems of planning in transition economy of Russia.

WEEK VII and VIII: Public finances

1. The theoretical concepts of public finances.

2. The state budget and tax system. The methods and model of the state budget formation.

3. Interrelation of financial and monetary policy. The specific features of financial and monetary policy in modern Russia.

WEEK IX and X: Conjectural, structural and regional regulation of economical development

1. Conjectural policy, its contents and tasks.

2. Policy of economic growth and structural changes. The problems of structural disproportion. Investments controlled by the state. Forecasting and the system of state support of science progress.

3. Basics of state regulation of economic complexes.

4. State regulation of social and economic development of the regions.

WEEK XI: The state and enterprise

1. Tasks and effects of the enterprise activity regulated by the state.

2. Administrative regulation. The antitrust laws.

3. Economic regulation: the state order, contract system of interaction of the state with the enterprises.

4. The state as the direct organizer of production. State business. The state enterprises. The specific features of state business in transition economy.

WEEK XII and XIII: Regulation of the social development

1. System of indices of the complex forecast of social development and living standard. The consumer budgets of the population and their application in practice of economy regulated by the state.

2. The programs of the assistance to the population.

3. Development of the forecasts of service sector.

4. State regulation of the labor market.

WEEK XIV and XV: State regulation of foreign trade activities

1. The state as the subject and regulator of the international economic relations.

2. The mode of the state influence on developing foreign trade activities. Liberalization and the problems of foreign currency regulation.

3. Forecasting of development of export and need for import. Payment balance as a method of regulation.

WEEK XVI: Final lesson: Actual problem of state regulation of Russian economy; Presentation of students papers.



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