Andrew Arato
Fall 1993
Department of Political Science, Budapest

Readings (Required):

Tocqueville Democracy in America (two volumes)
Hegel Philosophy of Right
Arendt On Revolution
Parsons The Evolution of Societies
Habermas The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
Touraine The Voice and the Eye

Readings (Recommended):

Touraine Solidarity
O'Donnell, Schmitter Transitions from Authoritarian Rule
Stepan Democratizing Brazil
Kean ed. Civil Society and the State
Lijphart Democracies
Sartori Parties and Party Systems
Almond, Verba Civic Culture
Cohen, Arato Civil Society and Political Theory
Arato From Neo-Marxism to Democratic Theory
Goldfarb After the Fall
Sedaitis, Butterfield eds. Perestroika from Below

Schedule of Classes:

Sept 21: Introduction. Rise, Decline and Revival of Civil Society
in Theory, Politics and Research

Sept 28: Civil Society, the Rule of Law, and the Courts
Tocqueville (selections); Hegel

October 5: Civil Society and Constitutions I: New Foundations
Readings: Tocqueville (selections), Arendt

October 12: Civil Society and Constitutions II: Institutional Design and Machineries of Pluralism
Readings: Tocqueville, Lijphart

October 19: Associations, Local Governments and Parties
Readings: Tocqueville, Sartori

October 26: Civil Society, Social Integration, and Political Culture
Readings: Tocqueville, Hegel, Parsons, Almond & Verba

November 2: The Public Sphere and Social Communication
Readings: Tocqueville, Habermas

November 9: Civil Society and Social Movements
Readings: Touraine, Cohen & Arato

November 16: Case Study I (all case studies will involve either focus on a single country, or a comparison of countries, as well as the stress on one of the topics covered during the previous sessions. Each case study will be presented by a student, or a group of students. Seminar papers will be required from each student.)

November 23: Case Study II

November 30: Case Study III

December 7: Case Study IV

December 14: Case Study V

December 16 (make up session): Case Study VI

December 21: Case Study VII

Digitized version prepared by the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
CEU Budapest, Hungary
Revised: April 1996


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