Peter Jaszi
Spring Term 1996
Department of Legal Studies, Budapest


I've organized this offering into 14 two-hour classes. As we discussed, I'll be providing photocopied reading materials. In addition, I'll be distributing copies of the World Intellectual Property Organization's 1988 Background Reading Material on Intellectual Property Law , a paperbound volume which is somewhat out-of-date but still extremely helpful.

Class #1
Introduction to the course, terminology, distinctions between domains of intellectual property; prehistory and history of intellectual property

Class #2
Anglo-American copyright: Basic doctrines of copyright ability

Class #3
Anglo-American copyright: The concept of infringement

Class #4
Anglo-American copyright: Fair use and fair dealing

Class #5
Authors' rights in Europe

Class #6
Anglo-American trademark law

Class #7
European approaches to trademark

Class #8
Design protection

Class #9
Protection for computer software and data (I)

Class #10
Protection for computer software and data (II)

Class #11
Neighbouring rights, including rights in phonograms and performers' rights; compulsory and collective licensing

Class #12
New theories of intellectual property; unfair competition; rights in personality and cultural heritage

Class #13
Multilateral treaties in the field of intellectual property

Class #14
Intellectual property and international trade including the Uruguay Round of GATT

Digitized version prepared by the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
CEU Budapest, Hungary
Revised: April 1996


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