Dejan Janca
Fall Term 1995
Department of Legal Studies, Budapest


1-2 Introduction
- International Law as "Law"
- The Development of International Law

3-4 The Sources of International Law
- Generally
- Rules of customary International Law
- Treaties
- General Principles of law
- Judicial Decisions
- Writers
- UN General Assembly Resolutions
- Codification and Progressive Development of International Law

5-6 The Relation Between International Law and State Law
- Monism and Dualism
- Municipal Law in International Law
- International Law in Municipal Law

7-8 "Subjects" of International Law
- States
- Other Legal Persons in International Law
- Recognition of States and Governments

9-10 International Organizations
- Definition and Legal Basis
- Membership
- Organizational Structure
- Decision - Making in the International Organizations
- Revision of the Constituent Treaty
- Extinction and Succession

11-12 International Representative
- Heads of States
- Ministers
- Diplomatic Representative
- Representation of, in and at International Institutions
- Consuls

13-14 Allocation of Jurisdiction in the International Legal System
- Bases of Jurisdiction
- Jurisdiction to Prescribe Rules of Law Governing Conduct
- Jurisdiction to Prescribe Choice of Law Rules
- Jurisdiction to Enforce Rules of Law
- Extradition

Digitized version prepared by the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
CEU Budapest, Hungary
Revised: April 1996


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