Dejan Janca
Fall Term 1995
Department of Legal Studies, Budapest


1-2 International Disputes
- General
- Peaceful or Amicable Means of Settlement
- Forcible or Coercive Means of Settlement

3-4 - Geneva Protocol for Pacific Settlement of International Disputes (1924)
- General Act for Pacific Settlement of International Disputes ( 1928 and 1949)
- European Convention for the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

5-6 Diplomatic Means of Settlement
- Negotiation
- Good Offices and Meditation
- Inquiry and Fact Finding
- Conciliation

7-8 Judicial Settlement of International Disputes
- General
- Arbitration
- Arbitration Clause in Treaties
- Permanent Court of Arbitration
- Mixed Arbitral Tribunals

9-10 International Courts
- Permanent Court of International Justice
- International Court of Justice
- Central American Court of Justice

11-12 - Standing before International Courts and Tribunals

13-14 - Procedure of International Courts and Tribunals

15-16 - Exhaustion of Local Remedies
- Preliminary Objections

17-18 - Interim Measures of Protection
- Evidence Before International Courts and Tribunals

19-20 - Judgements of International Courts and Tribunals
- Judicial and Arbitral Decisions. Validity and Nullity

21-22 - Advisory Opinions of International Courts

23-24 - The Significance of International Judicial Precedent

25-26 Judicial Technique and the Development of the Law
- The Law Behind the Legal Rule
- The Method of Judicial Pronouncements
- Individual Opinions. Dissetting and Separate
- The law Behind the Cases and Place of the International Courts in International Society

27-28 Proposals for Creation of an International Criminal Court

Digitized version prepared by the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
CEU Budapest, Hungary
Revised: April 1996


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