Francis Gabor
Prep Term 1995
Department of Legal Studies, Budapest

Course Description

I. Introduction: ( class hours 1 - 3)

- A historical overview from comparative law perspective
- Essential contract terminology
- An introductory case
- Understanding the basis of contract: promise or consent

II. A General Comparative Overview: ( class hour 4)

- Jurisdiction act, contract and general conditions of business

III. The Essence of Contracts: (class hours 5 - 8)

- Protected promises and expectations

- Contract formation :
- Offer and acceptance
- Considerations
- Revocations and counter offer

- Traditional defences affecting assent :

- Incapacity
- Duress
- Misrepresentation and fraud
- Mistake

- Defences based upon policy:

- Unconscionability
- Public policy or illegality
- Exculpatory clauses

IV. Breach and Remedies : ( class hours 9 - 11)
- Breach of contract - a comparative survey
- Selected cases on breach of contract
- Damages
- Liquidated damages, penalty clauses - a comparative examination

V. Performance and Excuse of Performance: ( class hours 12 -13)

- The concept of frustration
- Frustration of purpose
- Impossibility and related excuses
- Force majeure and contract drafting

VI. Contracts in the new Eastern European Legal Environment:
( class hour 14)
Required Reading:
F. Gábor, Contracts: A Comparative Introduction, Supplement
T. Várady, Contracts: A Comparative Introduction


3 hours open book

Digitized version prepared by the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
CEU Budapest, Hungary
Revised: April 1996


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