Fall Term 1994
William Wallace
European Studies Department
Central European University

Course Outline

The short course will consider the transformation of European order since 1989. It will review the structure and stability of previous European orders, and the strengths and weaknesses of the divided "cold war order". It will then trace the shifts in thinking since 1989 in Western and Eastern Europe, about preferred structure of security, economic relations and political institutions within the widening Europe, the contradictions and tensions which have re-emerged; the problems of inclusion and exclusion within an institutionalized Europe built upon the expansion of West European institutions, and the impact of social and economic change on political stability.

Lecture One:
European Order: past and present.

Lecture Two:

A common European home? Hopes and fears of European order, 1987-1993.

Lecture Three:
Building a new European Order: options and obstacles.

Gaddis, J.L. (1987) The Long Peace, Oxford
Weaver, O. et. al. (1993) Identity, Migration and the New Security Agenda in Europe, Pinter, London
Keohane, R.O. et. al. (1993) After the Cold War, Harvard University Press, Cambridge
European Security After the Cold War, parts I and II, (1993) Adelphi Papers No. 258, 268, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London

A number of recent papers and articles will be held for students in the library.

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