Winter Term 1996
William Wallace
Department of International Relations and European Studies
Central European University

Course Description

Following on from the first term's introduction to European institutions, this course aims to study in more detail how governments and non-governmental actors interact through those institutions; how shared policies are made, implemented and enforced; how domestic and European politics interact in different countries and in different policy sectors; and what distinctive patterns of policy-making have emerged in different policy sectors. It will also discuss the obstacles to common policy which result from the structure of European institutions, from the diversity of national interests and preferences, and from opposing pressures for greater economic and foreign policy integration and for greater national autonomy.


Week 1. Structures and patterns of European policy-making.

Week 2. National governments and the European Union.

Week 3. Transnational actors in European policy-making: parties, interest groups, social movements.

Week 4. Managing economic integration: from common market to single market.

Week 5. Managing external trade: from Kennedy Round to Uruguay Round.

Week 6. The Common Agricultural Policy: the Europeanization of the farm problem.

Week 7. Budgetary politics: distribution and redistribution.

Week 8. Package deals and treaty reform: the SEA and the TEU.

Week 9. Foreign policy and defense: sovereignty and incapacity.

Week 10. Managing enlargement: the EFTA case and the response to central and eastern Europe.

Week 11. Can the structure cope? The challenges to established patterns: variable geometry, diversity, further enlargement, policy overload.

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Modified: April, 1996


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