Fall Term 1994
Alex Pravda
St Antony's College, Oxford
for European Studies Department
Central European University

Course Description

This short series of lectures will focus on the relationship between Russia and Europe, and between Russia and its "near abroad". It will start from the historical ambiguities in Russian relations with the countries to its West, before and after 1917; consider the experience and legacy of the Soviet "empire" in Central and Eastern Europe during the cold war; and trace the evolution of Russian foreign policy since the collapse of the USSR, and the conflicting domestic and external pressures in current Russian policy.

Lecture One:
Russia and Europe: the historical record.

Lecture Two:
The collapse of the Soviet Empire: the unresolved problems that collapse has left behind.

Lecture Three:
Russia, the new abroad, and the wide Europe: what are the options?

Neil Malcolm, ed. (1994) Russia and Europe: an end to Confrontation?, Pinter, London
Hasegava, T. Pravda, A. ed. (1990) Perestroika: Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policies, Sage, London
Gati, C. (1990) The Bloc that Failed, I.B.Tauris, London
Fleron, F.J. and others (1991) Soviet Foreign Policy: Classic and Contemporary Issues, Aldine Press, New York

A number of recent articles will be held for students in the library.

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