Fall Term 1994
Otto Pick
European Studies Department
Central European University

Course Objectives:
The topics which will be covered are listed below. In descriptive terms, the course will highlight some of the key issues in European politics and in East-West relations in Europe - the evolution of the present situation will thus be examined in the light of past experience and conditioning. In analytical terms, the course represents an attempt to conduct a macro-political study of the European political system since 1945, focusing on inter-bloc and intra-bloc problems and their global context.

Week 1:
Introduction: Course objectives. Explanation of reading list and of library facilities at CEU and elsewhere in Prague. Course requirements.

Weeks 2-4:
Overview of International Relations in Europe from 1815 to 1945: The postnapoleonic system and the collapse of the classical balance of power. Modern nationalism in Europe. German and Italian unification. Imperialism and colonialism. The changing nature of war. The destruction of multi-ethnic empires and the social consequences of World War I. The failure of the Versailles system and the rise of ultranationalism. World War II.

Weeks 5-9:
The Cold War. Causes and consequences of the disintegration of the wartime alliance. decolonization and the apparent decline of Europe. Failure of the UN: the escalation of the cold war and the consequent development of regional multilateral institutions - NATO, EC, WEU: COMINFORM, COMECON and Warsaw Pact. The essence of containment. The effects of bipolarity and globaliyation of the cold war. The concept of imperial overstretch and its role in the USSR. Why Gorbachev? German reunification and the changing balance in Europe.

Reading List:
Carr, E.H., The Twenty Years' Crisis. (Should be read by the end of Week 3)
Gaddis, J., Strategies of Containment. (by the end of Week 6)
Mastny, V., Russia's Road to the Cold War.
Brzezinski, Z., The Grand Failure.
Halle, L., The Cold War as History.
Staerke, A., NATO's Anxious Birth.
Woods & Jones, Dawning of the Cold War.
Kennan, G., Russia and the West under Lenin and Stalin.
Trachtenberg, M., History and Strategy. (especially Chapters 4 and 5)
Pick, O., ed., The Cold War Legacy in Europe.
Ahman, Burke & Howard, eds., The Quest for Stability - Problems of West European Security, 1918-1957
Deadalus Spring 1992 issue, Exil from Communism
Gati, Ch., The Block That Failed

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