The CEEC in the Global Economy
Winter Term 1996
Jochen Lorentzen
Department of International Relations and European Studies
Central European University

Course Description

This course discusses international trade and investment, and how they affect CEEC. Particular attention is given to the relationship between the CEEC and the European Union in the context of EU enlargement. The course aims to provide a background for advanced discussions of options for and constraints on CEEC foreign economic policymaking. The course is assessed on the basis of a mid-term paper and a final two-hour in-class exam.

Course Outline
[RR = required reading; SR = supplementary reading]

Session 1. Introduction: Global Trade: Trends, Issues and Institutions

RR: Gilpin (1987, chap.5)
SR: Jackson (1989)

Session 2. Conflicts and Perspectives
RR: Amin (1990, introduction, chaps 4,8); Bhagwati (1988, chap.1)
SR: Bhagwati (1991, chaps 1-5); Calleo (1991, chaps 1,6)

Session 3. Theories of International Trade
RR: Bhagwati (1988, chaps 2-5)
SR: Krugman (1986)

Session 4. Trade in CEEC, Pre-Reform
RR: Richter (1990); Maresceau (1989, chap. on anti-dumping)

Session 5. Trade in CEEC, Post-Reform: Which Model?
RR: Köves and Marer (1991); Ostry (1993)
SR: Rejoined (1993); Senior Nello (1990)

Session 6. Trade in Sensitive Sectors: Manufactures
RR: Messerlin (1993); Rollo and Smith (1993)
SR: Faini and Portes (1995)

Session 7. Trade in Sensitive Sectors: Agriculture
RR: Anderson (1994); EC Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century (1994)

Session 8. Trade and EU Enlargement
RR: Baldwin (1994, chaps 4-9)

Session 9. Globalisation in the 1980s: Theories of FDI
RR: Julius (1991)

Session 10. Evidence on FDI in Europe
RR: OECD (1993); Thomson and Woolcock (1993)

Session 11. Conclusion: The CEEC in the Global Economy
RR: Amsden and ? (1995) [tba]; Altvater (1993, chap.6)

Altvater, Elmar. 1993. The Future of the Market. London: Verso.
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