History, Theory and Economics of Integration in Western Europe: An Introduction
Fall Term 1994
Eric Jones
Department of International Relations and European Studies
Central European University

Course Outline

The purpose of this course is to introduce the history of European integration as it developed form and within the European state system. The course is divided into three sections. The first section will examine regional integration as a reponse to political and economic vulnerability within the European state system. The second section will review the competition between functionalist and intergovernmentalist attempts an integration in the 1950s and 1960s. And the third section will explore the development of the European Community (new Union) from the 1970s to the present.

Students will meet six hours per fortnight, with an equal division of time between lecture and seminar. When possible, classes will be held three hours per week, although it is likely that sessions will be doubled on some occasions. Lectures will be devoted to the presentation of theoretical and historical material, and seminars will incorporate the basic tools of economic and political analysis.

Students will be asked to prepare required readings (c. 200 pages/session), and will be given the option of preparing additional readings as well. Please note that while all required readings are in English, some of the additional readings are in German and French. Though highly recommended, preparation of additional readings is not necessary for satisfactory participation in the course.

The final examination will last two hours, and will be open book. Questions on the final examination will consist of a mixture of short and long essays.

General Texts:
Dinan (1994),
Holle (1990)

Section I: The Grand Ideal and its Limitations. 9 hours

1. Liberal Internationalism and the Origins of the European Movement
Bosanquet (1958), Beugmans (1965), Mosca (1936)

2. Nationalism and Economic Competition in the Interwar Period
Kindleberger, Keynes (1936)

3. From Oslo to Stikker:The Limits of Integration in the European State System
Van Roon (1989), Meade et al (1962), Poidevin (1986), Loth (1990)

Section II: The Monnet-Schuman Method and the Realist Response. 9 hours

4. Schuman and Pleven:Integration by Steps or Jumps
Diebold (1959), Aron and Lerner (1956), Willis

5. From Beyen to Rome:The Origins of the Common Market
Maihofer (1986), Milward (1992), Haas (1968)

6. De Gaulle and the Nation State
Silj (1968), Hoffmann (1968), Calleo (1965)

Section III: The European Rescue of the Nation State. 9 hours.

7. The European Council and the EMS
Brewin (1987), Bulmer (1985). Ludlow (1989), Putnam and Bayne (1987)

8. The Relaunching of Europe
Keohane and Hoffmann (1991), Cameron (1992), Green (1994), Calleo and Morgenstern (1990)

9. France, Germany and the Treaty on European Union
McCarthy (1993), Vanhoonacker and Laursen (1992), ECSA (1993), Calleo and Gordon (1992)

Reading List
Aron, R. and Daniel Lerner editors, 1956, La Querelle de la C.E.D., Paris:Librarie Armand Colin
Benhoin, G., 1992, "The European Community in a Changing World" in Calleo and Gordon, 1992, 109-2
Brewin, CH., 1987, "The European Community: A Union States without a Unity of Government", Journal of Common Market Studies 26:1, 1-23
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Bonsanquet, B., 1958, The Philosophical Theory of the State, London: MacMillan
Bulmer, S., 1985, "The European Council's First Decade: Between Interdependence and Domestic Politics," Journal of Common Market Studies, 24:2, 89-104
Bundervect, J., 1983, "Vakbond en politiek in crisistijd," Res Publica 25:2-3, 219-36
Calleo, D. P., 1965, Europe's Future: The Grand Alternatives, New York:Norton
Calleo, D.P. and Philip H: Gordon editors, 1992, From the Atlantic to the Urals: National Perspectives on the New Europe, Arlington: Seven Locks Press
Calleo, D.P. and Claudia Morgenstern editors, 1990, Recasting Europe's Economies National Strategies in the 1980s, Lanham: University Press of America
Diebold, W. Jr., 1959, The Schuman Plan: A Study in Economic Cooperation, 1950-1959, New York: Frederick A. Praeger for the Council on Foreign Relations
Haas, E. B., 1968, The Uniting of Europe: Political, Social and Economic Forces, 1950-1957, Stanford: Stanford University Press
Hoffmann Stanley editor, 1968, Conditions of World Order, Boston: Houghton Mifflin
Keohane, R.O. and Stanley Hoffmann editors, 1991, The New European Community: Decisionmaking and Institutional Change, Boulder:Westview
Keynes, J.M., 1963, Essays in Persuason, New York: NortonKindleberger, Charles
Loth, Wilfried editor, 1990, Die Anfange der europaischen Integration 1945-1950, Bonn: Europa Union Verlag
Ludlow, P., 1989, "Beyond 1992: Europe and Its Western Partners," CEPS Paper no. 38, Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies
Maihofer, Werner editor, 1986, Noi si mura: Selected Working Papers of the European University Institute, Florence: European University Institute
McCarthy, Patrick editor, 1993, France-Germany, 1983-1993: The Struggle to Cooperate, New York: St. Martin's Press
Milward, A.S., 1992, The European Rescue of the Nation-State, London: Routledge
Molle, W., 1990, The Economics of European Integration: Theory, Practice, Policy, Aldershot: Darmouth
Poideven, Raymond editor, 1986, Histoire des débuts de la construction européenne, Brussels: Bruylant
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Sbragia, Alberta editor, 1992, Europolitics: Institutions and Policymaking in the "New" European Community, Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution
Silj, A., 1967, "Europe's Political Puzzle: A Study of the Fouchet Negotations and the 1963 Veto", Occassional Papers in International Affairs no. 17, Cambridge: Harvard University Press
Willis, F.R.
Vanhoonacker, Sophie and Finn Laursen editors, 1992

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