Winter Term 1995
Hannes Siergrist
Freic Universitat Berlin
Hartmut Kaelble
Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin
For the Department of History

Course Description

The lectures and seminars will give overviews on each topic, present a stage of research and deepen some aspects of the problem. They are strictly comparative i.e. they compare national and regional developments, structures and attitudes in Europe during the 19th and 20 centuries.
The lectures will be introduced by a lectures, followed by seminar, which will allow for ample discussion. Here the students prepare comments on the basis of elaborated comparative texts which are good examples of comparative social history and which provide necessary historical evidence for a historical argument. Prepared comments should last about 15 minutes each. Each participant should contribute at least one, according to his or her choice. We shell meet most of the titles for the required and recommended reading in advance.

1. Hannes Siegrist: Comparative History of Civil Society in Modern Europe.

2. Hannes Siegrist: Industrial Revolution and Social Change in Comparative Prospective.

3. Hannes Siegrist: Nationalism, Nation-Building and Nation. Comparative Approaches in Social and Cultural History.

4. Hannes Siegrist: Burgertum-Bourgeoisie-Middle Classes in the 19th and 20th Century.

5. Hannes Siegrist: Entrepreneurs, Managers and Firms: European Comparative Perspective.

6. Hannes Siegrist: Civil Servants and Bureaucratization. Europe in Comparative Perspective.

7. Hannes Siegrist: Professions and Professionalization. Lawyers, Doctors and Engineers in Europe and United States.

8. Hannes Siegrist: Consumption in Comparative Perspective.

9. Hartmut Kaelble: Working Population and Work in 20th Century Europe.

10. Hartmut Kaelble: Towards a European Society. European Social Particularities and Social Transfers between European Societies (20th century).

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