Winter Term 1994
Istvan Rev
Department of History

Course Description

The course is a combined lecture/seminar class that meets twice a week. The hermaphrodite format (lecture/seminar) gives a chance for constant dialogue between students and professor.

The final grade of the course will reflect activity in class (30%), the evaluation of the "position papers" (20%) and the grade of the final essay (50%).

First and Second weeks
The speeches at the trial of Louis XVI. David P. Jordan, The King's Trial. chs.: V.,VII. Michael Walzer, Regicide and Revolution.
Ferenc Feher, Revolutionary Justice....Michael Walzer, The King's Trial and the Political Culture of the Revolution.

Third week: Domesticating Politics or Politicizing the Family.
Lynn Hunt, The Family Romance of the French Revolution. chs.:l and 2.

Fourth week: Coping with Remembering.
Pierre Vidal-Naquet, A Paper Eichmann. Christopher R. Browning, German Memory, Judicial Interrogation, and Historical Reconstruction: Writing Perpetrator History from Postwar Testimony.

Fifth week: Making Sense of Memory.
Shoshana Felman, The Return of the Voice: Claude Lanzmann's Shoah. Anton Kaes, Holocaust and the End of History: Postmodern Historiography in Cinema.
Hayden White, Historical Employment and the Problem of Truth Perry Anderson, On Emplotment: Two Kinds of Ruin. Marin Jay, Of Plots, Witnesses and Judgments.

Sixth week: Historical Actors on Trial, part I.
Telford Taylor, The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials, ch.: 8.

Seventh week: Historical Actors on Trial, part II.
R. Adler, Two Trials Eighth week: Revisionism in the light of the Gulag. readings: Documents of the Historikerstreit, The Controversy Concerning the Singularity Problems of the Holocaust.

Ninth week: Politics and History as Pornography.
I. Rev, In Mendacio Veritas. Lynn Hunt, The Family Romance of the French Revolution, chs.: 4.(The Bad Mother) and 5. (Sade's Family Politics).

Tenth week: Problems of Proofs and Persuasion.
Richard A. Posner, Law and Literature, ch.:6. (Judicial Opinion as Literature)

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