Winter Term 1994
Katalin Peter
Department of History

Course Description

The course focuses on the European elementary family. The emphasis is on the fact that in the 16th and 17th centuries - during the time of vital changes towards today's cohabitation history it held the functions both of the medieval and the modern families. It was modern in the sense that the emotional climate of family life was determined by the parent-child relationship, and it was partly medieval because the responsibilities of the heads of families included in most cases also the provision for the members of the kinship's broken families. Early modern elementary families were most often the nucleus of wider kinship ties, especially in the higher social strata.

The presentation of the subject goes parallel with the life of the individual, starting with its being conceived and ending with its death. At each phase the gender-roles or genderdetermined treatment of the individual are to be taken into consideration. The themes are formed by the point of view of the parents.


1. The Making of the Marriage
2. The Planning of the Family
3. The Rearing of the Children
4. The Education of the Children
5. The Making of the Children's Marriages
6. Life Without the Children or the Partner
7. Single Parent Existence
8. Extra-marital Connections.

The kindred are regarded as usually part of the above proceedings of the family.

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