Winter Term 1994
Jacques Revel
Department of History

Course Description

l. The historical trend: history and the social sciences. 1920's-1970's
Marc Bloch: Les rois thaumaturges, 1924 or: Lucien Febvre: Le probleme de l' incroyance au XVI siecle. La religion de Rabelais., Paris, 1942.
Peter Burke (ed.): New Perspectives in Historical Writings, Oxford, Polity Press, 1991.

2. New topics 1: family and kinship
Peter Laslett, Household and Family Size, Cambridge University Press, 1972 Edward Shorter, The Making of the Modern Family, 1977
or: Jack Goody, The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe, Cambridge University Press, 1983.
Journal of Family History, special issue, "Family History at the Cross Roads", XII, 1987.

3. New topics 2: Symbols, forms and Culture
Natalie Zemon Davis, Society and Culture in Early Modern France, Stanford University Press, 1975
or: Robert Darnton, The Great Cats Massacre and other Episodes in French Cultural History, New York, Doubleday, 1984.

4. The Chances and Risks of Interpretation
Clifford Geertz, The Interpretation of Cultures, New York, Basic Books, 1973
Specially the essays: "Thick Description: Toward an interpretative Theory of Culture", pp. 3-31: "Deep play: notes on the Baliness Cockfight", pp. 412-454
Roger Chartier, "Texts, Symbols and Frenchness", Journal of Modern History, 57 (1985), pp. 682-695.
Giovanni Levi, "On micro-history", in P. Burke, New Perspectives..., 1991.

5. Micro-history vs. macro-history? Scales of observation and historical analysis
Carlo Ginzburg, "Clues..." in Myths, Emblems, Clues, London, 1990
Giovanni Levi, Inheriting Power. The Story of an Exorcist, U. of Chicago Press, 1988.
Jacques Revel, "L'histoire au ras du sol" presentation to the French translation of Levi, 1989, 1989, pp. IXXXIII.

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