Winter Term 1996
Ivo Banac
Department of History

Class Sessions and Readings:

Jan. 9:

Jan. 11:
Traian Stoianovich, A Study in Balkan Civilization.

Feb. 6:

Apostolos E. Vacalopoulos, The Greek Nation,1453-1669.
Noel Malcolm, Bosnia: A Short History.
Edith Durham, High Albania.

Feb. 13:
Vlad Georgescu. Political Ideas and the Enlightenment in the Romanian Principalities. 1756-1831.
The Memoirs of Prota Matija Nenadovic, ed. and transl. by Lovett F. Edwards.

Feb. 20:

Keith Hitchins, Orthodoxy and Nationality: Andreiu Saguna and the Romanians of Transylvania. 1691-1849.
Duncan M. Perry, Stefan Stambolov and the Emergence of Modern Bulgaria.

Feb. 27:
Ivo Banac, The National Question in Yugoslavia: Origins, History, Politics.

March 5:
George Th. Mavrogordatos, Stillborn Republic. Social Coalitions and Party Strategies in Greece. 1922-26.
John D. Bell, Peasants in Power: Alexander Stamboliski and the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union. 1899-1923.

March 12:
Jozo Tomasevich, War and Revolution in Yugoslavia 1941-1945: The Chetniks .
Mark Mazower, Hitler's Greece.

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