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  Academic field Trip
  Academic Writing for Medievalists II
  Advanced Research Methods
  Ancient Greek—Intermediate
  The Angevins: Society, Politics, Culture in FourteenthCentury Central Europe
  Arabic Course_Mestyan
  Arabic Beginner I
  Art and Liturgy in the Middle Ages
  Art and Pilgrimage: Rome, Compostela, Aachen
  The Bible for Medievalists
  Byzantine text seminar: Epistolography
  Christian-Muslim polemics in the Middle Ages
  Collecting Science, Technology and Museums During the Renaissance
  Demography, Trade and Urbanisation in Medieval Central Europe
  Emperor, Court Society, Aristocracy
  Environmental and Landscape History
  From renovatio imperii to ‘twilight of empire’
  Greek Reading—Intermediate II
  Greek Beginner
  Greek Palaeography and Codicology
  The History of Daily Life
  Interdiciplinary Medieval Studies
  Introduction to the Study of Religion
  Kingship and Dynastic Cults in the Later Middle Ages
  Latin Advanced
  Latin Intermediate I
  LatinIntermediate II
  MA Thesis Seminar I
  MA Thesis Seminar II
  Medieval monastic culture
  Reading Medieval Latin Sources
  Renaissance Europe
  The Renaissance in East Central Europe
  Renaissance Orientalism
  Research Methodology Academic Writing I
  Archaeozoology – People and Animals
  Medieval Codicology
  Physical and Cultural Space
  Time and Chronology
  Word and Text
  Cultural Anthropology for Medievalists
  Medieval Archaeology
  Text and Image in Medieval Science
  Lives Biography
  Material Culture
  Medieval Literature
  ROME 300-1300
  Seeds of Change: the rise of Christian Platonism in Florence and its dissemination in Europe
  Self Performance and Social Display in the Later Middle Ages
  Sex, Gender, and their Social Context in Late Antiquity and Early Byzantium
  Signa et Res: Philosophy in the Middle Ages
  Theology Latin and Byzantine: a Historical and Comparative Approach
  Sources and Uses of Urban Topography
  Verse and Prose from the Late Palaiologan Period