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  Al-Bagdadi - Particularism and Universalism
  Al-Bagdadi - Secular and Religious Reformism
  Antohi - Historical Studies in Post
  Antohi - Theories and Methods in Historical Studies
  Bauerk-ömper - Writing...
  Bauerk-ömper-The Transformation of Agriculture and Rural Society in Eastern Europe 1945 – 1990
  Bauerk-ömper-Writing Social and Cultural History
  Bodnar -Comparative Urban Change
  Comparative Urban Change
  Daskalov - South-Eastern Europe - PhD Course
  Daskalov -Modern Social and Cultural History
  Deringil -The late Ottoman Empire and Balkan Nationalism
  Dmitriev - Confession, Ethnicity, and ProtoNationalisms:
Russia, Poland, and France
(1450 1850)
  Dmitriev - Russia and Poland
  Gitelman - The Politics and Culture ...
  Gyani G. -The Metropolis
  Hall - Culttural History SciTech
  Hall - Expert Knowledge
  Hall - Topics in Intellectual History
  Hrytsak , Janowsky -Identities in Borderlands: Texts and Contexts
  Hrytsak -Traditional Societies
  Iordachi - Nationalism
  Iordachi - Social History Schools, Methods and Case Studies
  Iordachi -Totalitarianism and Mass Politics
  Karady - Social History of European Jewry
  Karady -The Growth of Learning
  Kochanowicz - Social Change under Communism
  Kochanowicz-Karady - COMPARATIVE STUDIES (PhD)
  Maciej Janowski - Justifying political power in 19th century Europe: the Habsburg Monarchy and beyond
  Michael L Miller - The Emergence of Zionism
  Miller, Alexei - Imperial Order
  Lajos RÁcz -Environmental History of the Modern Times
  Istvan Rev - (dis)Enchantment with the Left, reflections on the Spanish Civil War(PhD)
  Rieber - MODERN Historiography
  Rieber - War: Hot and Cold (PhD)
  Sanders - Assimilation and its Discontents
  Sarmany-Parsons -Art and Politics
  Sarmany-Parsons -Cultural History of the Visual Arts I
  Schissler - Biographies, Autobiographies, and Oral History in Contemporary History
  Szonyi -Words & Images
  Trencsenyi - Comparing National Awakenings
  Trencsenyi - Political Modernities and Nation
  Trencsenyi -Writing Intellectual History in East(PhD)
  Zimmermann - Comparing Internationalisms: 19th and 20th