CEU, Economics Department, Spring 2006

Instructor: Prof. Peter Grajzl
Office: #810
Office Hours: By appointment
Course: 2 credits

Course Description

This course presents topics in economic analysis of legal institutions and the law, emphasizing a comparative perspective.
Comparative Institutional Economics 1, taught in the Winter semester, is not a prerequisite for this course.

The course is open to PhD and advanced MA students. Prerequisites include graduate level microeconomic theory and

Class Times

Class time will be divided into twelve 120-minute lectures.

Course Requirements

Grading will be based on a final exam of a take-home, open-book format. Complementary grading arrangements (e.g.
involving student participation, presentations, short paper) may be introduced.

Reading List

The following reading list has more entries than will be covered in the course and thus serves as a guideline to the literature
on particular topics. Additional readings may be added as we go along. Which readings are most pertinent will be indicated
in class. Readings not available on the internet or in the library will be provided.

0. Introduction

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Journal of Comparative Economics, 31:4, 595-619.

1. Law Enforcement and Law Making

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2. Legal Origin

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3. Legal Transplants

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4. Legal Harmonization and Legal Competition

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5. Law and Social Norms

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